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According to the Airsoft Splat website, the different types of electric Airsoft guns are the Desert Eagle and the M9 Military Gun. Both of them require batteries.

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Q: What are the different types of electric Airsoft guns?
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What store sells airsoft?

Airsoft guns are available in different US stores, you can buy it online at much affordable price. There are different types of airsoft guns and rifles in the market, I prefer to buy my airsoft gun and accessories online.

What is green gas for airsoft guns?

It is a source of power airsoft guns can run on. There are different power sources for most guns, such as spring, electric and gas. There are many different types of gas such as co2, propane, and green gas.

What types of airsoft guns are there? is the place where I learned about airsoft guns and how they work. Their Customer Service is friendly and will answer any questions you have about Airsoft guns. First of all there are 3 different Airsoft guns; SPRING, GAS, and ELECTRIC. Spring guns are manually functioned meaning you have to manually retract the cocking mechanism to shoot one BB at a time. Gas guns are typically filled with CO2 cartridges or Green Gas which is a mixture of 100% Silicon and Propane which both the CO2 cartridge and the Green Gas are loaded into the magazine. The Electric working airsoft guns are powered by batteries and electronic components that are upgradable can enhance the performance of the guns rate of fire and durability.

Does electric airsoft guns need to be charged?


What are aeg guns?

Automatic Electric Gun - i.e. airsoft toys guns.

Does flea markets sell electric airsoft guns?


Air electric airsoft guns rapid fire?

yes they are.

Can airsoft guns hold all types of bbs?


Is it illegal to have CO2 airsoft guns in airsoft teams?

Most all teams allows virtually all types of guns. The question is what fields are the CO2 guns allowed.

Are electric airsoft guns longer lasting than spring airsoft guns?

I really thinks it depends on how often you use it, and if it is properly maintained. All depends on what you are willing to do to keep your airsoft nice and shiny. hope it helped

Are spring loaded airsoft guns or electric airsoft guns?

well i perfer spring because electric is weak Actually, I have an electric M4 that gets 400fps and is wicked accurate at 150ft. It all depends on what quality gun you buy and how much you're willing to pay for it.

What does aeg stand for?

In airsoft guns, automatic electric gun. Battery powered airsoft, versus spring powered or gas powered.