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Q: What are the different types of iv tubings?
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What are the nursing responsibilities for IV nurse?

start peripheral ivs. inspect ivs already in patients to make sure the IV is still good. Change IV dressings, IV tubings. Assess patients for if they need a central line instead of a peripheral IV. insert PICC lines (Peripherally Inserted Central Catheters).

What are the types of pollygons?

a iv only

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Using a large system of tubings.

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What are some types of IV therapies?

Some types of IV therapies include:Normal Saline (NS)Ringers Lactate(IV type) with added medicationsIV piggy back - normally IV antibioticsIV push - single dose of a medication put through the IV siteNote: In addition, Saline flush.Note: In addition, Heparin flush.

What are transfer tubings or sets used for?

to move a large amount of fluid into another container

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Sixty specimens each were made of type III and type IV dental stone (Excalibur). Compressive strength of both types of stones significantly (P<.001).

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