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What are the different types of pianos?


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i only can think of the grand piano Grand, electronic, and upright? The only one that I can really think about is verry old one, but i can not think of what it is called


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There are many different types of pianos out there and each type is a different height.

I don't know about names, but there are many different types of pianos. There are upright pianos, baby grands, grands, concert grands, etc. There are also electric keyboards and digital keyboards that are like pianos without hammers.

There are a lot of types of pianos but if were talking about the "Major" types of pianos, It would be the Upright piano and Grand Piano.

There are lots........

it has changed pianos to records to tapes to Cd's with different types of music and sound

There are different types of pianos. The first piano made was made out of wood. You can now find some a different material but they are commonly made out of wood. I hope i have helped you!!!:)

Vertical Pianos Spinet Console Studio Upright Horizontal Pianos Petite Grand Baby Grand Medium Grand Parlor Grand Semiconcert or Ballroom Concert Grand

there are over 10 pianos in the world

Pianos can be all different lengths, whether it is a toddler's electronic keyboard or a grand piano. You can buy different kinds of pianos ranging from about 1- 8 feet wide.

He has two pianos in his home. She had trouble deciding which of the two pianos to buy. The showroom had many pianos.

Pianos do not have two keyboards, only one. Organs, however, have two. These instruments are commonly confused but are actually fairly different.

There are 10 different kinds of pianos. Such as, the Upright, Grand, Fender Rhondes, Digital, harpsichord, clauichord, pipe organ, hammand organ, and the synthesizer keyboard.

Hermanos rhymes with pianos

Grand pianos can be purchased from the people that make the pianos such as Steinway. In addition, the pianos can also be purchased from retailers such as PianoMart.

Pianos are made of string that produce different sounds and keyboards are electronic and can imitate many different sounds

There are many types of digital pianos. It depends on the person and what they are looking for and what it will be used for.

pianos are about 300 years old

No, Emerson pianos are not good.

These pianos' keys. This piano's keys.

Actually electric pianos did not replace acoustic pianos. There are literally millions of acoustic pianos in the united states alone, and more being bought every week. I personally see about 1000 pianos a year because I work as a piano tuner/technician. Electric pianos do come in handy for traveling to gigs, but acoustic pianos are very much alive and well.

Yamaha pianos are made in the Caribbean :)

The plural of piano is pianos.

All kinds of pianos are good. You should always try out a piano if possible before you buy it.

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