What are the different types of transformers?

A small list of transformers

1. Distribution Transformers
2. Padmount Transformers
3. Station Transformers
4. Station Transformers Various specific electrical application designs require a variety of transformer types. Although they all share the basic characteristic transformer principles, they are customize in construction or electrical properties for certain installation requirements or circuit conditions.
  • Autotransformer: Transformer in which part of the winding is common to both primary and secondary circuits.
  • Capacitor voltage transformer: Transformer in which capacitor divider is used to reduce high voltage before application to the primary winding.
  • Distribution transformer, power transformer: International standards make a distinction in terms of distribution transformers being used to distribute energy from transmission lines and networks for local consumption and power transformers being used to transfer electric energy between the generator and distribution primary circuits.
  • Phase angle regulating transformer: A specialized transformer used to control the flow of real power on three-phase electricity transmission networks.
  • Scott-T transformer: Transformer used for phase transformation from three-phase to two-phase and vice versa.
  • Polyphase transformer: Any transformer with more than one phase.
  • Grounding transformer: Transformer used for grounding three-phase circuits to create a neutral in a three wire system, using a wye-delta transformer,[85][90] or more commonly, a zigzag grounding winding.
  • Leakage transformer: Transformer that has loosely coupled windings.
  • Resonant transformer: Transformer that uses resonance to generate a high secondary voltage.
  • Audio transformer: Transformer used in audio equipment.
  • Output transformer: Transformer used to match the output of a valve amplifier to its load.
  • Instrument transformer: Potential or current transformer used to accurately and safely represent voltage, current or phase position of high voltage or high power circuits.
  • Pulse transformer: Specialized small-signal transformer used to transmit digital signaling while providing electrical isolation.