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Google Earth software is available in 5 types:

  • Google Earth free desktop client
  • Google Earth free mobile client
  • Google Earth web browser plugin (uses Google Earth API)
  • Google Earth Pro client
  • Google Earth Enterprise client

For each desktop platform Google Earth has Windows, Mac, Linux versions

For mobile platform there are Android, and iOS (iPhone) versions.

There is also a new automotive version as well.

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Q: What are the different versions of Google Earth?
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Can you change Google Earth 6.0 to 4.0?

You can still download older versions of Google Earth namely 6.2 through 5.1 from Google's direct download links. Best to uninstall Google Earth 7.0 (if unable to use that version) then install a clean version of 6.2 or 5.1 downloaded directly from, however, that street view is only supported in GE versions 6 and higher.Since Google has removed such versions of Google Earth then it isn't advisable to use those -- use the versions of that Google makes available. If you really want 4.3 or earlier versions then non-google web sites such as have those versions but you have to download at your own risksince Google doesn't authorize those web sites.See related link below.

Where do I download old versions of Google Earth?

The current version and several previous versions (including v6.2) of both Google Earth and Google Earth Pro for Windows and Mac can be downloaded from Google Earth's direct download site.

Does anything need to be downloaded in order to use Google Earth or can it be used online?

In order to use Google Earth you need to download the application. There are versions of Google earth for all sorts of mobile devices available for download.

Is Google earth different from mapsGooglecom?

Yes, they are two different products of Google Inc.

Is version for Google Earth a Pro edition?

The Google Earth Free and Pro versions have the same numbering scheme so the version itself doesn't tell you if what you have is Pro version or not. When you start Google Earth Pro it will have "Google Earth Pro" in the title of the window. You can also go to Help menu and select "About Google Earth".

Is there a free use of Google earth?

I guess it is free to use however, you cannot distribute it on your own. In free version you cannot integrate your GIS data but there are another versions like Google Earth pro and Google Earth enterprise.

What is the best free Google Earth to download?

There is only one free version of Google Earth, so that'd be the best one out there. In total are only two versions of Google Earth: the free version, and the professional (paid) version.

What website do you go to to find Google Earth 5.0?

As of the 6.0 release in March 2011 the 5.0 and 4.3 versions are no longer available from google's official web site. You can still use the direct installer links to download the previous versions (5.2, 5.1) for Windows and Mac. This web page also has links to download GE Pro versions as well.However, you can still download old versions of Google Earth (including 5.0 and beta versions) from the filehippo website. (This website is not affiliated with Google so use at your own risk.)

Why did street view disappear with Google Earth 6?

Here is one of Google's announcements of ending Street View support for Google Earth versions 5.x and older. "With the most recent update to Google Earth (6.2), we are also finalizing our transition to a new method of delivering Street View imagery in Google Earth. This means, that the older versions of Google Earth (anything before 6.0) will no longer be able to access Street View. We held off making this change until now, when the vast majority of Google Earth users are on 6.0 (or later)." -- Google Jan 2012. Basically, Google decided to improve the Street View interfaces which would be implemented in the current versions of Google Earth for desktop and mobile platforms rather than keep supporting the older (less efficient) method of accessing Street View.

How much does it cost to download Google Earth 6?

As it did for earlier versions of Google Earth, Google offers a free version for normal usage and a high-performance Pro version for business users with an annual subscription.

What is the difference between Google Maps and Google Earth?

Google Maps and Google Earth are two completely different technologies. Google Earth can be downloaded and placed on your computer and is more powerful and interactive.

Where can someone get information about Google Earth?

One can get information on Google Earth at the official Google's website for Google Earth. Other resources are Wikipedia, different Google Earth related Blogs like Gearthblog, forums or the program's Help section.

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