What are the disadvantage and advantages of tourism in Kenya?

Tourism has advantages for Kenya for the following reasons:
  • It helps the local economy
  • It can, by using the gains of tourism, improve the lifestyle of the locals
  • It makes tourists understand and therefore learn to respect the environment in general.
  • It can bring more employment

  • Littering can cause extinction for animals because they eat the litter
  • People take a air balloon ride and disturb animals
  • Some people in Kenya have to move out because they haven't got enough money to pay them to find another place to build parks
  • Tourism can be a way in for child trafficking and child prostitution
  • Nearly all jobs are unskilled and poorly paid
  • Safari minibuses damage savanna ecosystem
  • People who used to live and keep their herds in national parks have been forced out, thus they lose their land and traditional way of life
  • Most new jobs are in cities, which encourages migration and adds to the shanty towns.