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The disadvantages of coal power are;

1. It is non-renewable and it is causing global warming.

2. Although it is now cheap, if the coal continues to be used in such a way, it will soon be very expensive.

3. Burning a fossil fuel produces carbon dioxide, which contributes to the greenhouse effect, warming the Earth.

4. Burning coal produces more carbon dioxide than burning oil or gas.

5. Mining coal can be difficult and dangerous. Strip mining destroys large areas of the landscape.

6. Coal-fired power stations need huge amounts of fuel, which means train-loads of coal almost constantly. In order to cope with changing demands for power, the station needs reserves. This means covering a large area of countryside next to the power station with piles of coal, which destroys plants and ruins landscapes.

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kendal power station in south Africa

The gas used for burning contains both carbon and hydrogen; coal does not (it consists mainly of carbon).

A coal-fired power station works by burning coal to give off heat, which heats water and produces steam. The steam is then used to push generator turbines; which generate energy.

The difference is in the name; nuclear power plants produce electricity via a nuclear reaction producing head to turn a turbine, whereas coal fired power plants burn coal to produce the same efffect.

Most countries have coal fired power generation plants. some very big ones are in Poland, Germany, the USA, China.

Hydro electricity (Water power) Diesel generator Coal fired power station Nuclear power station Gas fired power station Wind turbine generators.

An electricity generation station that is powered by burning the fossil fuel called "coal".

Kendal Power Station in Mpumalanga, South Africa, is currently the largest coal-fired power station in the world as well as in

This list shows the type of fuel in order of start of time going from short to long.gas-fired station (shortest start-up time)oil-fired stationcoal-fired stationnuclear power station (longest start-up time)However I do not know the exact time.S. T. Wilson

The coal heats water into steam the steam runs turbines connected to generators.

Coal is burned to produce heat, which then is transferred to water/steam, which produces mechanical power in the steam turbine, which produces electrical power from the generator

He was building a large coal-fired power station, and he wanted to find a better way to dig coal.

In places where there's a realiable supply of coal, or where there few other options, such as hydro- and thermal electricity.

A coal fired station burns coal to produce heat. The heat boils water to produce high pressure and temperature steam. The steam expands in a turbine to rotate the shaft. The turbines rotation drives a generator. The generator produces electricity which is sent out to the consumers.

Darlington power station refers to a series of two coal-fired power stations situated in Darlingtonin County Durham, North East England.

Hydroelectric from water turning a turbine, coal fired steam turbine, natural gas fired steam turbine, & wind powered turbine.

The most significant resource that a coal fired power station uses is of course coal. Coal is a non renewable natural resource and mining of coal has significant negative effects. In many cases coal is mined in sensitive grassland and wetland habitats - causing significant water pollution. Power stations also rely on large amounts of freshwater in the cooling towers as part of the power production process.

Ferrybridge is a coal powered power station.

Coal fired, Nuclear Power, Gas Fired, Hydro, Wind Power.

Kendal power station in Mpumalanga is not only the largest coal fired power generator in South Africa, it is also the largest in the world. It runs 6 x 686MW units, and has a dry cooling system. It came into operation in 1993.

There are still quite a few coal fire power plants left in the UK, however it is declining. There are about 19 coal fired power plants which are still left in the UK.

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