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Q: What are the disadvantages of advertisement on youth?
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What are the advantages and disadvantages of standardized advertisement in global market?

haha nice

What is Disadvantages of advertisement?

One disadvantage of advertisement is that it is misleading. It can make you think one thing while actually doing something else.

What is the advantages and disadvantages of research on the youth market?

The advantages are that today's youth is in touch with technology and what's cool. Disadvantages are that they are all idiots. (I'd know :) being that I am a teen)

The advantages and disadvantages of belonging to a particular youth organisation?

a youth forget the responsibility about his studies .family etc;

Advantages and disadvantages of advertisements on children?

children will get easily influenced by the advertisement & will disturb their parents for the product

What are the disadvantages of youth having too much freedom?

One of the disadvantages of youth having too much freedom is the likelihood of them making poor decisions and getting into trouble. They often make poor choices, especially when they are not supervised.

What is advantages and disadvantages of film in youth?

i think it depends on the movie and i like inspirational movies

What has the author John Gregg written?

John Gregg has written: 'The advantages and disadvantages of youth'

What are the disadvantages of the ycja?

One of the disadvantages of the YCJA (Youth Criminal Justice Act) is that it protects the rights of the young offender instead of the rights of protection for the society.

How advertisement misleading youth?

Advertisements not only mislead the youth but also other age groups as well. Ads mislead the general public by representing the product falsely through the misuse of terminology, packaging, improper comparisons and illustrations.

What is the name for a Website Advertisement?

an Advertisement of course an Advertisement of course

What are advantages and disadvantages of product advertisement?

I don't think there is a disadvantage in using promotional gifts. People love freebies and potential clients will surely appreciate this kind of promo item.