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What are the disadvantages of religion?

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It divides when it is supposed to unite. Many wars have been waged because different groups have different names for basically the same God. Only the Metaphors are different. Also, some people who are evil use the church to cover up their badness. That is, it's part of their pretense. Outwardly they appear to be Christians, for example, because they go to church. But on the inside, they are far from it. __________ Sometimes, depending on the formal teachings and practices of some religions, there is a tendency to restrict free and open inquiry on a variety of subjects that include philosophy, politics, culture, medicine and the sciences in general. In place of open inquiry some religions teach that there is material (like The Bible and other writings considered sacred) that covers all that is important, for example, regarding the formation of the universe or the beginnings of humankind. Inquiry into these questions that follows a line contrary to the religion's teaching is considered not only futile but inherently bad. This disadvantage in no way applies to all religions everywhere. Also, it is easy to see that groups can readily agree on any number of things like the existence of a deity, the importance of worship and the virtue of good deeds. Often, however, groups (like some religions) will coalesce around common biases and preferences instead. This may be more subtle and not readily apparent. In groups like this people can sometimes be brought to the belief that their biases, preferences and even hatreds are ok, and actually proclaimed and sanctioned by the deity. Not only that, but others outside of the group and who do not hold to the group's biases and preferences are to be resisted, to be considered evil and/or not worthy of much consideration, and considered as heading for eternal perdition. The disadvantage I am talking about is not the possible argument that a faith's position on sin is in keeping with venerated scriptures; it is in the outward (religious) validation by a religion of the personal biases, preferences and hatreds that are held by some individuals. It is hard not to wonder how man's desire for power and influence interacts with systems of faith and the development of world religions. When any religion teaches that it has exclusive claims to the truth about life after death and what it will be like for followers of the wrong religions, and people are willing to believe the teaching, then the potential for abuse is staggering. You wouldn't need a very extensive study of history to find abuses. Again, the disadvantage being offered is the great potential for the abuse of power, and it is not aimed at any one or any group of religions or faiths.

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