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in a one opening digestive system the organism must wait for the food to be released before consuming new foods.

yes, planarians have one opening in their digestive system

They cannot eat continuously (there mouth and anus are present in the same opening)

A digestive system with only one opening is called an incomplete digestive tract. Organisms with this type of digestive system ingest food and eject waste through their mouth.

if i got this right snakes are the only one opening animals and have to puke their food after digestion while two opening animals like us just get rid of the waste the way we do.

A sac-like digestive tract is a system with only one opening (like a mouth), for which food comes in and waste goes out. A complete digestive tract is one with a mouth and an anus.

There is one opening that serves as both mouth and anus

Humans have a complete digestive system. Incomplete Digestive System: one opening that takes in food and expels waste Complete Digestive System: two openings and a food tube to make sure there is no mixing of food and wastes.

No. A closed digestive system is a digestive system in which there is only one opening which serves both for food intake and waste excretion and can be found in creatures like the sea anemone or jellyfish. On the other hand, an open digestive system is defined as a digestive system with two openings, one for intake of food and one for excretion of wastes - namely, the mouth and the anus. This is what an earthworm has.

It could limit the amount of food you can eat at one time.

Parasites such as tapeworm, planarian and live fluke have digestive systems that are saclike. Their digestive tracts have one opening and they live inside a host animal.

flatworms have incomplete digestive systems and they present extracellular and intracellular complementary digestions. They have sac like digestive system, one opening mouth and anus. Which means they're digestive systems aren't completely grown.

Oysters have a two way digestive system. This means that they only have on opening for both food to go in and to come out.

Organisms that have only one opening in their digestive tract through which food enters and waste exits are known as having an incomplete digestive system. Some organisms with incomplete digestive systems are jellyfish, sea anemones, flatworms, and corals.

animals with only one opening used to both take in food and expel waste.

An open digestive system is one where there is an entrance "mouth" in one end of the organism and an "exit" or anus of some sort in the other end of the organism. (think of worms or people). A closed digestive system is in something like a hydra or anemone where there is just one cavity and one opening that acts as both mouth and anus.

No bats have a one way digestive system. Food goes in the mouth, is digested, and comes out the other end. In two way digestive systems food is taken in and waste is excreted through the same opening.

If one of the organs in the digestive system, then.

yes, planarians do have a one way digestive system

one disease of the digestive system is crohns disease! < !!!>

No, neither one is part of the digestive system.

always! it is one of the main things in your digestive system!