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diphtheria, cholera, hepatitis, Dengue fever etc.

See related WHO link below

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Cholera and Dysentry

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dengue ,malaria etc

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poop, pee, garbage (some) :( ewwww

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Q: What are the diseases caused by the disposal of waste?
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What diseases are caused from improper disposal of human waste?

magkasakit ka ug maayo na...matay dayun

What happens over time to medical waste disposal sites?

Medical waste disposal sites can become unliveable. There are medical waste disposal companies that specialize in disposal and must abide by certain government regulations for waste disposable.

Medical Waste DisposalΒ ?

We specialize in the management, collection, transportation, and disposal of medical waste and sharps-needle waste.

What do they do at a Medical Waste Disposal plant?

Medical waste contains some infected material. A Medical Waste Disposal plant sterilizes medical waste before disposal to the normal city dump.

What are the effect of improper waste disposal?

it may result that the person will get diseases from this kind of naiveness.

What diseases are caused by medical waste?

Medical waste can transmit a variety of diseases, from HIV and hepatitis to MRSA and E. coli. Basically, any medical waste that is contaminated with a human pathogen can then transmit that pathogen on to another human.

What is the motto of Greater Manchester Waste Disposal Authority?

The motto of Greater Manchester Waste Disposal Authority is 'Our Aim is Zero Waste'.

Does OSHA controls waste disposal?

OSHA protects employees - RCRA is the guidance to use for waste disposal.

Diseases caused by human waste?

Some examples of diseases caused by improper sanitation are: cholera, the plague, dysentery and others.

What is improper waste disposal?

what is important waste products

Do you need the toilet?

A toilet is necessary to dispose of various human biological waste. Without proper waste disposal a human may be more apt to getting diseases which may lead to a shorter lifespan.

What has the author J G Pruett written?

J. G. Pruett has written: 'Chemical waste disposal--chemicals identified in terrestrial and aquatic waste disposal processes' -- subject(s): Bibliography, Chemicals, Environmental aspects, Environmental aspects of Hazardous wastes, Environmental aspects of Pollution, Hazardous wastes, Pollution, Waste disposal, Waste disposal in the ground, Waste disposal in the ocean