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the Gaza strip

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Q: What are the disputed parts of land in the Palestinian territories?
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Are the West Bank and Gaza allies?

No. They are two constituent pieces of land that form the Palestinian Territories.

According to the maps of now where is the promised land from the Bible?

Primarily in the State of Israel and the Palestinian Territories.

Where was the gospel of mark set?

In the Holy Land, as were all the other gospels. The Holy Land is now part of the Moiddle East, roughly: Israel, Lebanon, and the Palestinian Territories.

Are Christians living in the Holy Land Palestinian or Israeli?

The Majority of Christians living in the Holy Land are Arabs. Christians living in Israel have Israeli citizenship, however, considered Arabs by the Governments (and their I.D Cards states it clearly) and thus face many discriminative laws. Christians living in the Palestinian territories have a Palestinian "Citizenship" (its not a country yet, hence the brackets). The I.D. issued by the Palestinian authority clearly states "Christian." There also, Christians as a minority face many problems. In the Holy Land, Israel & The Palestinian Territories, Christians make less than 2% of the general population. Native Christians of the Holy Land are Arabs, who are stuck between the hammer and the anvil.

What was the holy land and who ruled it?

It comprises roughly the territory of Israel, the Palestinian territories, Jordan and parts of Lebanon. It's ownership has passed hands many times through war. It was owned at different times and in different areas by the Muslims, Christians, and Jews.

What do the Palestinians think of Jewish settlements in the West Bank?

The Palestinians think of Israeli settlements in the Palestinian Territories as the theft of land and a continued humiliation of their people.

Is there anywhere today where Israelis fight over who owns land?

AnswerThere are almost daily news reports of Israelis fighting over ownership of land in the Palestinian territories.

What us president sent john Slidell to Mexico with an offer to buy the disputed land in Texas and the Mexican owned territories of?

president james k. polk

Parts of which of these territories were settled by land runs in which people raced to stake a claim on 160 acres of land?


Why is the land that Israel gained during the Six-Day War important to the resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict?

It is on lands that were acquired during this war (Gaza, East Jerusalem, and the West Bank) that the future Palestinian State desires to incorporate as its territories.

What countries share a land border with Israel?

Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, and Egypt share a land border with Israel. Also the Mediterranean Sea, the earth's atmosphere, and the Palestinian territories, although none of these are countries.

What is the land of Kan'an called today?

*Ancient region between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean; Promised Land (Biblical) *A/C to Wikipedia:- Kan'an(or Canaan) is an ancient term for a region encompassing modern-day Israel, Lebanon, the Palestinian territories and adjoining coastal lands, including parts of Jordan, Syria and northeastern Egypt.