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Q: What are the distinguishing traits or attitudes of the Filipinos?
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What defines traits?

Distinguishing characteristics or qualities.

What is definition of charcater traits?

Character traits are distinguishing habits and mannerisms of people.

English poem that describe traits of Filipinos?

The poet, Judith Kempis, wrote a poem entitled, "Filipinos" that describes the traits of Filipino people. Published in 2011, it refers to many pleasant traits of Filipinos, such as diligent, kind and helpful.

Distinguishing qualities that can be passed from parent to offspring?


What are family traits?

A distinguishing feature of your families nature

What are Physical traits of different races?

There are many distinguishing physical traits of different races. One of the primary distinguishing features of race is the color of one's skin.

What were the good attitudes of Filipinos acoording to the essay where is the patis?

colonial mentality

What is scientist attitudes or traits?


Discuss the differences in abilities attitudes and traits?

Attitudes are how they are feeling, and their temper. Traits are what the person is like; sort of like their personality, and what they like enjoy.

Pictures of some positive and negative traits of Filipinos?


What are the common traits of Filipinos?

Some common traits of the Filipinos are: 1. Hospitable This is the best possitive trait that Filipinos have. 2. Hard-working The Filipino farmers, fishermen and vendors strive to earn their daily meal. The Overseas Filipino Workers are also working industriously. 3. Religious 4. Strong Family Ties The Filipino family members cling to each other. They have a sense of belonging and importance. Filipino children are being supported by their parents even if they have families of their own. Unlike in some countries, children when they reach the age of eighteen, they are obliged to work to support themselves. 5. Happy Amidst the disastrous events that Philippines experienced, Filipinos still managed to be happy as if nothing serious was happening at that time. 6. Honest There are numerous acts of honesty that Filipinos do from time to time. As hard working as they are, they prefer to earn their daily wage through honesty. 7. Problem Solver Filipinos never give up easily. Typhoons and some other disasters often hit the Philippines, but the Filipino victims have demonstrated that they can be stronger than before.

What 2 things define your traits?

A characteristic feature or a distinguishing quality

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