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The first is Genesis, the second is Exodus, third is Leviticus, forth is Numbers, and the final is Deuteronomy.

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Christians generally divided the Old Covenant/Testament into 3 sections:

1 - The Law

2 - The Prophets

3 - The Writings

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Q: What are the divisions of the Jewish Bible?
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What are the three divisions among the Jewish faith?

There are many more than three divisions and sub-divisions in the Jewish Faith, but the three main ones in Australia are Progressive/Reform, Conserative and Orthodox.

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Surprise! The entire "old testament" is the translation of the Hebrew/Jewish Bible.

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The Tanach (Jewish Bible) includes the Jewish prophets, it does not include the prophets of other religions.

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The three divisions of Jewish scripture are known by the Hebrew acronym Tanakh. (That's 3 letters in Hebrew). The divisions are Torah (pentateuch), Nevi'im (Prophets), and Ketuvim (Writings).

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The complete Jewish Bible is a translation for American people or people that can only speak English. This way everybody who can speak English, can read the Jewish Bible.

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the Jewish bible

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