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What are the duties of a doctor who is a general family practitioner?

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General practitioners and family physicians perform some or all of the following duties: * Examine patients and take their histories, order laboratory tests, X-rays and other diagnostic procedures and consult with other medical practitioners to evaluate patients' physical and mental health * Prescribe and administer medications and treatments * Perform and assist in routine surgery * Provide emergency care * Provide acute care management * Inoculate and vaccinate patients * Deliver babies and provide pre-natal and post-natal care * Advise patients and their families on health care including health promotion, disease, illness and accident prevention * Provide counselling and support to patients and their families on a wide range of health and lifestyle issues * Perform patient advocacy role * Co-ordinate or manage primary patient care * Provide continuous care to patients * Supervise home care services * Report births, deaths, and contagious and other diseases to governmental authorities.

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What is another name for family doctor?

A General Practitioner (GP).

What does GP means in medicine?

General Practitioner. AKA Family Doctor.

What type of doctor to get a physical?

A family or general practitioner would be fine.

What doctor do you see for hemorrhoids?

A general practitioner (family doctor), a dermatologist (skin doctor) or a proctologist (ass doctor)

What doctor prescribes alprazolam?

Your general practitioner/family doctor or psychiatrist would be the ones to ask.

What is a General Practitioner?

A general practioner is a medical doctor who is a generalist (did not study a specialty during residency). Often referred to as a 'family doctor'.

Is a general practitioner the same as a family doctor, or what is the difference?

They are the same thing. The one is just a fancy name for a family doctor. A general practicioner can look at anything that is bothering a person and the family doctor can do the same thing.

What kind a doctor give allergy shots?

A general practitioner (family doctor) may be able to, but the specialist would be an allergist.

What kind of doctor treats chickenpox?

Any primary provider is well-versed in the management of chickenpox. A general practitioner, pediatrician, internist, or family practitioner will be familiar with chickenpox.

What kind of doctor do you go to for genital warts?

A family practice doctor, general practitioner, internist, gynecologist, urologist, or dermatologist can diagnose and treat genital warts.

What does it mean Family practice?

If a doctor has a family practice, that doctor is a general practitioner who will see anyone who is sick, although in some cases it will be necessary to refer the patient to a specialist. Families with sick children go to family practices.

How do you choose a doctor to treat brain cancer?

Normally, when you are in need of a specialist, your family doctor (general practitioner) will recommend one for you. You can also research this subject on the internet, as you can research any subject on the internet.

What type of doctor treats the symptoms of menopause?

A gynecologist treats the symptoms of menopause.

What are you suppose to major in to be a general family practitioner?

Here in the U.K., a GP is usually a doctor who has specialised in his area for several years before becoming a G.P. My doctor used to be a surgeon - so he was a "Mr" not a "Dr".

How do i know what health problem i have?

You can go to a general practitioner/family doctor and have a full physical exam. Through blood work, urine samples and conversation, a doctor can help you assess any ailments you may have.

What is the difference between a chiropractor and a doctor?

A medical doctor is trained in general fields of medicine. One example of this would be a general practitioner or family doctor. A chiropractor has the same general training with extra focus on anatomy and physiology. Chiropractors use manual methods to ease bodily pain, while general doctors tend to use medicines.

Do I have to have my eczema treatment done by a dermatologist or can I see my general practitioner?

You can definitely see a general practitioner to treat eczema. Most of the time it's best to see a dermatologist to have it diagnosed so they can take a scraping and confirm. A family doctor is capable of prescribing meds to keep it under control.

Is psychologist a better adoctor?

A Psychologist is a different type of Doctor. Just as a General Practitioner is also know as the Family Doctor and an Oncologist is a Cancer Specialist so a Psychologist is a specialist Mind Doctor. Some Psychologists are also trained in Medicine.

Would you need to see a doctor or a GP?

A "GP" is the abbreviation for "General Practitioner" or more commonly called "Family Physician". Thus, a "GP" is a doctor. There is a difference between "General Practitioners" and "Specialists". A GP can evaluate and arrange an appointment with a specialist, if one is needed.

Is a general practitioner the same as a general surgeon?

No. A GP is an office-based general physician who cares for individuals of all ages, much like a family practitioner (but without the full residency training of a FP).

What are the options for treating childhood asthma?

Asthma can be treated with prescription inhalers which can be prescribed by your family doctor or general practitioner. After being collected in a pharmacy, they release a gas which calms nerves in the lungs.

Where can someone find information about what is clinical depression?

One can find information about clinical depression from a local family doctor/general practitioner, local psychologist, friend with medical knowledge and Wikipedia.

What kind of doctor to see for pain on breasts?

I would start with your internist, family practitioner or gynecologist.

What type of doctor do you see for a hernia?

Start with your general practitioner (or family doctor), and he/she will send you to, or recommend, the appropriate specialist. Or just go to an internist. I just had this surgery done and came out fine although you are looking at about 12,000 USD for it to happen

Is it necessary to have your child visit a doctor that specializes in Pediatrics?

While Pediatrics is a child-specific specialty, a general practitioner or family doctor is also qualified to care for and treat basic issues in newborns and toddlers. Three-, six- and one-year checkups can be handled by a family doctor if there are no serious problems with your child's health.