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To supply power to Fans, Drives, Motherboards, processors, Ram.

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Q: What are the duties of a power supply in a working computer?
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Related questions

What does uniterruptible power supply mean?

An uninterruptable power supply is a power device for a computer (or other things) which is designed never to lose power in the middle of crucial operations. For example, if you're running a computer which is in charge of a critical process and there is a disruption in the power coming into the computer, the uninterruptable PSU (power supply unit) is designed to make sure the computer doesn't stop the process it was working on and lose data.

What is power supply?

If it is a computer power supply it is the box that gives the computer its power from the outlet.

What supplies power to a computer?

The "power supply" supplies power to a computer. A computer's power supply is a "switchmode power supply" responsible for converting the AC voltage from the wall into several DC output voltages.

What is the job of a computer power supply?

The job of a computer power supply is to give power to the computer even when it doesn't have any power. It is normally your adapter that comes with the computer.

What is powers supply?

If it is a computer power supply it is the box that gives the computer its power from the outlet.

What is the most common problems with PC power supplies?

The most common problem lies with the user rather than the power supply itself.The computer user hardly ever thinks about his power supply so long as it works.Therefore they'll overburden the power supply by adding hard drives until it's overwhelmed.When you add power hungry componenents to your computer you have to consider whether or not you have adequate power.WHen you have a problem with your power supply in general your computer stops working and you have to spend 30$ for another.

Where can one locate their PC power supply?

The Personal Computer power supply is located on the computer tower. The cable that goes into the wall outlet plugs directly into the computer's power supply.

What is a power supply and its primary function in a computer?

A power supply is a device that adjusts power to the right wattage and distributes the power with in the computer.

When do you need to replace the computer power supply?

When your computer will not power on. When the cooling fan of the power supply has failed. When the amount of hardware in use in your case exceeds the power capability of your power supply.

What do you call the component in a computer that converts the wall outlet AC power into the DC power used to run computer DC components?

Power supply, or computer power supply.

What is the computer power supply?

A computer's power supply is the component that converts AC power from the wall to the multiple DC output voltages required to run a computer.

What are the function of computer power supply?

The power supply of the computer is where the electrical current from your outlet is sent and then dispersed throughout the components in your computer.

Dual power supply?

Dual power supply is used to describe a computer system with two power supply units (PSU's). This is to provide extra power for the computer's internal components.

What should you use to provide power supply to your computer?

In order to supply power supply to your computer you would need an outlet plug near your computer. Then you can plug your computer into that and necessarily, use an extension.

What is the power supply in a computer?

The Power Supply (PSU) supplies power to the computer. It converts power from the wall (AC power) to DC POWER, which is the type of power computers use.

How is your computer working while the Power Voltage is so low that ordinary fans and lights are not working?

If it's a laptop, it's running off of the battery. Otherwise, it has a very adaptive power supply... but you shouldn't run your computer in that condition (called a Brownout)

What is a computer power supply used for?

A computer power supply is used to provide power to a computer device. Every computer has one in order to operate. It comes in the form of a battery pack or adapter.

What is used to prevent the effect of power fluctuation in the power supply on your computer and works for a specific period of time even there is no power?


What should you do if the fan in the power supply stops working?

Get a new power supply or try and liquid air it out so that all the dust can get out. if that still doesnt work get a new one. you dont want your computer to start on fire

Where could you buy a power supply for a computer?

You can buy a power supply for a computer at any computer supply or office supply store. There are many of these stores in malls and they range in size from the Mom & Pop store to the large chain stores. There are also direct access sites to the companies who produced the computer and they could supply the specific power supply you request.

What is fuction of power supply?

The power supply makes the computer run, without any type of power supply it would be impossible to run a computer. The mains power supply for a laptop and the power supply unit of a desk top, both convert the high AC voltage from the mains power and convert it to low voltage DC, for the electronics of a computer to use.

How much does a computer power supply cost?

Computer power supplies will vary depending on the voltage needs of your computer. A general rule is the more components a computer has, the larger power supply it will require and the costlier the supply. Average prices range from $50 to $300.

What is the main function of PC power supplies boxes?

The PC power supply box's function is to supply the computer with power. Without the PC power supply box, the computer would not be able to turn on and off.

How do you fix your computer when the screen is black?

First, make sure the screen is plugged in. Does the screen power indicator light come on? Second, make sure the screen data cable is plugged into the computer. Third, is the computer power supply working? Many desktop PCs have a fan in the power supply. If the fan isn't turning, the power supply is dead and must be replaced. Troubleshooting gets more complicated after these three steps.

My computer's front panel switchLED light are not working but the CPU fan is running while the power supply is not and my computer will not boot Is my power supply faulty?

Connect the front panel molex's to every available connector (3-pin molex connector) Or get a new one. I am experiencing the same now.