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The easiest types of cactus plants to grow include some of the most interesting cactus family members. For example, the epiphytic rat's tail cactus [Aporocactus spp] is an early spring bloomer, and enjoys life in hanging baskets. The curiosity plant [Cereus hildmannianus v. mostrose] has deformed growing points that serve as conversation pieces indoors. The silver torch cactus [Cleistocactus strausii] has scarlet tubular flowers and silvery spines. The porcupine hedgehog [Echinocereus stramineus] arranges scarlet petals around green stigmas. The yellow peanut cactus [Echinopsis chamaecereus f. lutea] has banana like stems and rare red night flowering blooms. Lacking in chlorophyll, it must be grafted onto a green cactus, to benefit from energizing photosynthetic products. The chin or spider cactus [Gymnocalycium baldianum and Gymnocalycium horstii] has pink funnel shaped flowers and metallic colored growth buds. The rose pincushion cactus [Mammillaria zeilmanniana] brings forth a carmine pink flowery contrast to its purplish black stem. The prickly pear cactus tree[Opuntia neoargentina] has yellow poppy like flowers and a tree like trunk. The golden and silver ball cactus plants [Parodia leninghausii and Parodia scopa] have open faced flowers and a covering of long, respectively golden and silver, soft spines. The holiday cactus[Schlumbergera and Zygocactus spp] has vivid red flowers and leafless, notched stems. The wave or brain cactus [Stenocactus multicostatus] has pale funnel shaped blooms that flower in spring and summer. The glory of Texas [Thelocactus bicolor] has feathery, flat faced summer flowers, and red and yellow spines. The golden column cactus [Weberbauerocereus johnsonii] has golden spines that darken with age. Its tubular flowers are pale pink or white.

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Q: What are the easiest types of cactus to grow?
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I think a cactus can grow in soil. I think a cactus can grow in soil.

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If you want flowers to grow on your cactus you are supposed to water your cactus.

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Cactus probably would be just water once a week and forget about no fertalizer or much upkeep.

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There are two types of cactus, columnar cactus and climbing cactus. Climbing cactus e.g dragon fruit plant.

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Cactus do not require seeds to grow. In fact, there is no such thing as a cactus seed. First, find a cactus and chop it down. Then, place a cactus pland on a piece of sand, and it will grow.

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They grow on a cactus. Specifically the Opuntia Cactus.

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Yes you can grow cactus in mine craft Pocket edition ,cuz I have a cactus farm

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The easiest way to kill a cactus is by overwatering. Some cactus plants grow in hot, humid climates. Examples are the epiphytic cactus plants that grow high up in the rain forest canopy. But ground and pot dwelling cactus plants tend to be adapted to dry, hot climates. They won't be able to survive daily doses of heavy watering.

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cactuses grow by seeds which are found in aduld cactus

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They are actually called 'Cactus Flowers'

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Cactus can't grow in a marshy area because in marshy area there is a plenty of water and cactus does not need much water

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no. cactus has different types shapes and sizes

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The saguaro is primarily a cactus of the Sonoran Desert.