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The easiest types of cactus plants to grow include some of the most interesting cactus family members. For example, the epiphytic rat's tail cactus [Aporocactus spp] is an early spring bloomer, and enjoys life in hanging baskets. The curiosity plant [Cereus hildmannianus v. mostrose] has deformed growing points that serve as conversation pieces indoors. The silver torch cactus [Cleistocactus strausii] has scarlet tubular flowers and silvery spines. The porcupine hedgehog [Echinocereus stramineus] arranges scarlet petals around green stigmas. The yellow peanut cactus [Echinopsis chamaecereus f. lutea] has banana like stems and rare red night flowering blooms. Lacking in chlorophyll, it must be grafted onto a green cactus, to benefit from energizing photosynthetic products. The chin or spider cactus [Gymnocalycium baldianum and Gymnocalycium horstii] has pink funnel shaped flowers and metallic colored growth buds. The rose pincushion cactus [Mammillaria zeilmanniana] brings forth a carmine pink flowery contrast to its purplish black stem. The prickly pear cactus tree[Opuntia neoargentina] has yellow poppy like flowers and a tree like trunk. The golden and silver ball cactus plants [Parodia leninghausii and Parodia scopa] have open faced flowers and a covering of long, respectively golden and silver, soft spines. The holiday cactus[Schlumbergera and Zygocactus spp] has vivid red flowers and leafless, notched stems. The wave or brain cactus [Stenocactus multicostatus] has pale funnel shaped blooms that flower in spring and summer. The glory of Texas [Thelocactus bicolor] has feathery, flat faced summer flowers, and red and yellow spines. The golden column cactus [Weberbauerocereus johnsonii] has golden spines that darken with age. Its tubular flowers are pale pink or white.

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Q: What are the easiest types of cactus to grow?
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