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Many Food Service Workers begin their careers between the ages of 16 and 19 years old. In order to move up in the ranks from Prep Cook to Chef you will need to have a Culinary College degree as well as hands-on work experience in the food industry.

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What are the educational requirements to become a professional pastry chef?

Their are many options available to become a professional pastry chef. While no official degree is necessary, many successful in the industry went to a technical or private chef school. One can obtain an Associates degree all the way up to a Master's Degree in pastry arts. Depending on the type of work one wishes to accomplish the type of degree will vary.

What are Benefits of a pastry chef?

what are the benefits of a pastry chef

What educational requirements are needed for becoming a chef?

go to school

Who makes more money a pastry chef or a cook chef?

pastry chef

What are the physical requirements for a pastry chef?

hand movement, walking, picking up things

Can you be a chef and pastry chef at the same time?

Yes you can because pastry chef and chef are both the art of cooking.

Is their staff or crew of pastry chef?

yes there can be staff for a pastry chef

Why do you have to be creative to be a pastry chef?

A pastry chef is in charge of all the baking in a restaurant...

What are the promotions of a pastry chef?

mike Jones is the best rapper there is, he is part pastry chef

What health benefits are available for pastry chef?

are health benefits offered for a pastry chef

What is something interesting about a pastry chef?

There is a high rate of suicides in the pastry chef jobs

What strengths do you need to be a pastry chef?

stenghths you have that would help succeed as a pastry chef

What are different levels of chefs?

Cooking Professionals:Certified CulinarianCertified Sous ChefCertified Ched de CuisineCertified Executive ChefCertified Master ChefPersonal Cooking Professionals:Personal Certified ChefPersonal Certified Executive ChefBaking / Pastry Professionals:Certified Pastry CulinarianCertified Working Pastry ChefCertified Executive Pastry ChefCertified Master Pastry Chef

What are the Educational requirements of a chef?

just wash your pubes everyday,and comb them back,then braid them.

What are the minimum educational requirements to be a chef?

what is the minimum education needed to become a chef? The minimum education you need to become a chef is an associates degree in culinary arts.

What does a pastry chef do?

A pastry chef makes pastries, which are baked things like pies and tarts.

How much does a pastry chef make in an hour?

an executive pastry chef makes from 44,516 to 66,693 a year

What is a pastry chef?

a chef in a restaurant that makes deserts.

What do the French call a pastry chef?

Sous chef

What is the name of a chef that handles desserts?

Pastry Chef.

What do you call one who sells pastry?

A baker or a pastry chef.

What kind of college degrees do models get?

There are no educational requirements to be a model.There are no educational requirements to be a model.There are no educational requirements to be a model.There are no educational requirements to be a model.There are no educational requirements to be a model.There are no educational requirements to be a model.

Will Le Cordon Bleu teach me how to be a pastry chef?

Yes, they will teach you pastry baking and other culinary important techniques. You will be a qualified pastry chef if you go there.

What is the tuition of becoming a pastry chef?

what is the tuition of becoming a chef?

What are the schools you have to go to for pastry chef?

it is good pasatry chef