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Smoking pot or marijuana, if you don't already know, tends to affect people differently, depending on the person. Its effects include the need for parastalsis or strong hunger, feelings of antidepression, a calming sensation, slight feelings of weightlessness, dry or "cotton" mouth, and easy contractions of hilarity. The side affects, also depend on the person. Problems with smoking marijuana usually occurs when persin begins at a young age. In your teenage (or younger) lifetime, your brain is going through extreme changes, it is growing and learning. Interruption of this process may lead to losses in the short term memory, coordination, and reflex areas of the brain. This case does not occur as often in adult stages. However, when smoked during the correct stages of life, Marijuana can increase creativity in the brain as well as terminate feelings of depression and pain. It has also been proven to terminate pain and the actual rheumatoid arthritis and reduce inflamation of those with Alzheimers. Smoking marijuana is no problem as long as it is used wisely.

AnswerMarijuana does not have a lot of problems with interactions with other drugs. It is not a major health threat by itself, so all such questions really come down to the effects of the other drug.

As stated above, marijuana should not be a problem if used in moderation.

AnswerI know people who smoke marijuana and take Seroquel without experiencing any decrease in the effectiveness of the Seroquel. But I also know people with mental illnesses whose symptoms increased when they smoked Marijuana. It all depends on the individual and how his/her body reacts to the drug. AnswerI agree with the person directly above. I sometimes take Seroquel (currently just 100-200mg; I was up to 600mg each and every night during a very extreme and somewhat lengthy state of mania) for sleeping purposes. I personally could not smoke during that time period.

Marijuana effects most drugs when smoked. Seroquel will be raised for the duration when smoking. It wil be enhanced a little but not enough to make one OD.


I am bi polar and have smoked pot for years. For the last few months I have been on Seroquel 600 mg at nite. The problem that presents itself is massive weight gain to the point that I have quit smoking entirely and switched to a low glycemic diet. Seroquel will increase your appetite and the way in which the body metabolizes carbohydrates, that combined with the "munchies" brought on by smoking pot is a bad combination. You can easily wind up with really high glucose levels in the blood.

If you can take Seroquel and smoke and NOT gain weight then more power to gotta be careful with Serquel and your diet.

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Q: What are the effects of combining Seroquel and marijuana?
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What are the side effects of combining Seroquel and marijuana?

made me fall asleep sitting up

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i am prescribed both seroquel and wellbutrin and i have not had any side effects by taking both.

What are the effects of combining Concerta and marijuana?

You don't get stoned.

What are the side effects of combining marijuana and adderall?

You get your appetite back.

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extreme sleepyness, intoxication, and a really bad headache

What are the effects of combining Seroquel and cigars?

I'd imagine it to be similar to combining Seroquel wth cigarettes. It should be fine. If you start feeling weird or light-headed though, just put the cigar out and finish it some other time.

What are the side effects of combining seroquel and lamictal?

Sanity! I take both everyday and it has made a huge difference in my mental health. I also take zoloft in addition to the lamictal and seroquel.

What are the side effects of combining seroquel and salvia?

Is not recommended to mix salvia with some other substance. Salvia Divinorum is strong as is, and there could be some undesired or unexpected effects.

What are the side effects of combining citalopram with marijuana?

nothing will happen you will feel high from the marijuana; and most likely it will take away your depression anyway.

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It is physically safe but if you're on clopixol you should probably not smoke marijuana, because clopixol is a drug given to people who have some problems with paranoia and marijuana can increase this.

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regular seroquel is about an hour and seroquel xr takes about 4hrs

What side effects is there mixing seroquel and citalopram?

i was on both and i had no adverse side effects. however the seroquel can cause extreme drowsiness

What if you combined marijuana and seroquel?

I'm assuming you mean smoking marijuana while taking seroquel. I don't think you could actually combine the two into one substance. As far as smoking marijuana while on seroquel, it's never had any bad side effects for me. Weed is natural and you can't overdose on it so it's relatively safe to use in conjunction with medications. However, seroquel is know to cause weight gain and getting the munchies from smoking pot sure doesn't help with that. I'm not a doctor so I can't say it won't hurt you, but it never has me.

What are the effects of combining epilim and marijuana?

I've had seizures while combining Epilim and Marijuana... So I just smoke MJ and stopped taking my meds. Hopefully I will heal on my own. :) Oh, don't take any nicotine products as well. They trigger seizures in me.

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Seroquel is an anti-psychotic drug and is often taken as a sleep aid. But when mixed with methadone, the two mix for a stronger sensation, as the seroquel intensifies the effects of methadone.

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There are many side effects of continual use of marijuana. Some of the side effects of marijuana are extreme sleepiness, nausea, asthma, and urinary tract infections.

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Seroquel (quetiapine) does not show up on a drug screen. It is not currently classified as a substance of potential abuse (although some individuals have abused Seroquel for its sedative effects).

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What are the side effects of combining Seroquel and marijuana?

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