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Muro ami fishing is knocking the coral reefs for the fishes to get out.When they do this thing the coral reefs will be destroyed causing the fishes to have loss of home.If there is no coral reefs the fishes will also have no food.
# It destroys corals which takes centuries to build. # It pollutes the water. # It kills some of the fish. # It disturbs the marine ecosystem in the area. # It exploits children who are used to handle bombs and big nets. (Some of these children die in action and their corpses left in the shoreline.) The list goes on.

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Q: What are the effects of muro-ami fishing?
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One of the effects of illegal fishing is overfishing of fish. When overfishing occurs, commercial fishermen make less money because they bring in less fish.

Bad effects of muro-ami fishing?

bad effects of muro-ami fishing? it pollutes the water,it kills some of the fish, and it disturbs the marine ecosystem in the area

How does fishing affect coral reefs?

# Fishing effects the coral by catching the fish. # So don't fish where the coral reef is.

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Cyanide fishing, Dynamite fishing and "Muro-ami" can also cause Coral Reefs Destruction due to chemicals that are involved in these types of fishing.

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It could blow your hands if you detonate it early

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nice habitat for microbes and good for people fishing and living there

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high cleanup costs, death of plants and animals, and damage to fishing economies

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it effects what the sharks eat, if there is no food for the sharks, the turtles are more likely to be eatern

What has the author Donald R Johnson written?

Donald R. Johnson has written: 'The effects on salmon populations of the partial elimination of fixed fishing gear on the Columbia River in, 1935' -- subject(s): Effect of fishing on, Salmon, Salmon fishing 'Savings bank life insurance'

What are the effects of dynamite fishing in the philippines?

Dynamite fishing has many harmful effects on the environment. It not only harms the target fish, it kills everything in the blast area. It kills the fish eggs, fry, plants, and can launch sludge into the water. It can significantly harm the reproductive cycle of any species in the blast area.

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Effects Of Dynamite Fishing:Dynamiting fish kills other things in lakes or oceans.Dynamite fishing or blast fishing is the practice of using explosives to stun or kill schools of fish for easy collection. It is illegal in many jurisdictions and can be extremely destructive to the surrounding ecosystem, as the explosion often destroys the underlying habitat such as coral reefs that supports the fish.It blows up the fishes,it destroys the corals in the sea, it kills fishes,it poisons all leaving animals under the sea and it poisons the water.

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Quantum Fishing sells fishing products such as fishing rods, fishing reels, fishing clothing, fishing accessories and more. They have different types of fishing products designed for freshwater fishing or saltwater fishing.

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The effects are oil spills and tanker damage to the environment, it hurts the fishers from fishing with the tiles, the country leads South America in carbon dioxide due to the environmental city.

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A thunderstorm usually has negative effects on all fish, considering that water is a conductor. However, rain does often do wonders for walleye fishing because of the decreased amount of sunlight that rain allows into the water.

What are some examples of negative effects humans have on the ecosystem?

Humans litter and it can kill off species. Hunting and fishing can also have negative affects