Corals and Coral Reefs

Causes and effects of destruction of coral reef?


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Cyanide fishing, Dynamite fishing and "Muro-ami" can also cause Coral Reefs Destruction due to chemicals that are involved in these types of fishing.

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Coastal congestion,coastal pollution,and coastal migration contribute to the destruction of coral reefs.Coastal construction also disturbs the coral reef ecosystem.

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Runoff from farms near coral reefs can cause two basic problems; sedimentation and nutrification. Sedimentation means that silt and dirt particles get washed into the ocean, blocking out light, and landing on and smothering reef animals. Nutrification causes large algal blooms that can easily overgrow and crowd out coral reef animals.

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Water pollution is one of the major things that destroys coral reef. When I went snorkeling in the Bahamas, we weren't allowed to wear any kind of sunblock, suntan lotion, etc. into the water, because even that can destroy coral reef.

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