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Orange Juice is pretty acidic. I wouldn't soak my teeth in it. Brush your teeth afterwards, and you should be ok.

AnswerOrange juice also contains a high amount of sugar, and can cause tooth decay, especially with children.

The acid in Oranges and orange juice can strip the enamel right off your teeth, if you eat too many.

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Q: What are the effects of orange juice on teeth?
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Is fresh orange juice bad for your teeth?

no fresh orange juice is not bad for your teeth

Why is orange juice bad for your teeth?

It contains citric acid and can erode the enamel of the teeth. If your not drinking enormous of orange juice and brush you teeth reliquary you'll be fine.

What are the effects of orange juice on human body?

a person who drinks orange juice will die eventually.

What does orange juice do to teeth?

makes them yellow

What's worse for your teeth orange fanta or freshly squeezed orange juice?

Diet orange soda

What is the effect of orange juice on teeth?

it has citric acid, any acid will destroy teeth.

Is orange juice not healthy for dogs?

It is not the best thing to give to dogs simply because the acidity in orange juice could harm their teeth.

Why does orange juice taste salty if you drink it after brushing your teeth?

orange juice taste salty after brushing your teeth since an ingredient in the toothpaste blocks our sweeet taste buds leaving us with an awful taste.

How do drinks effect your teeth?

my mother said orange juice makes your teeth brake down.Coffee,pepsi is also bad for your teeth.

Why does fresh orange juice taste awful after you brush your teeth?

because the citrus flavor mixes with the mint in your toothpaste and never drink fresh orange juice after brushing you teeth with toothpaste that uses bakeing soda it can and will explode

Give me three drinks that are bad for your teeth?

Orange juice, soda and coffee.

Is too much orange juice bad for you?

It is okay to have about a glass a day. If you drink a ton then the citric acid might hurt your teeth, and there is a lot of sugar in orange juice.

Which juice cleans pennies best orange juice or grapefruit?

orange juice orange juice

What color is orange juice?

. No, orange juice is actually yellow. Orange juice is called orange juice because it is the juice of the orange. The orange is orange, however the juice is not.

What liquid effects the teeth the most?

Sugary drinks such as coke, lemonade, juice

Does the acid in orange juice take away the calcium in your body?

No. It does not. Orange juice acid or citric acids go to your stomach only affecting you teeth not any other bones in your body

What is Justin Bieber's favorite juice?

Orange JuiceHis favourite juice's orange juice.Justin Bieber's fave juice is ORANGE JUICE i also luv ORANGE JUICE (oj)

Who made idea of orange juice?

It is said that nature made orange juice because oranges always had orange juice. There is no one person who invented orange juice. When you eat an orange, juice is in it.

Which is better orange or orange juice?

orange juice I think orange is heathier because orange juice has sugar

Why is orange juice called orange juice when its in fact yellow?

Because it's the juice from an orange which is in fact orange.

Ingredients in orange juice?

orange and juice

Which brand of orange juice has pure juice from orange juice?


What is the most harmful to your teeth coke coffee or orange juice?

Coca Cola. Because of all the preservatives and chemicals. Even though the acidity of orange juice is a harmful, it's no where as near bad as Coke.

What is cactus juice?

Its juice from a cactus plant. Like apple juice is juice from an apple and orange juice is juice from an orange.

Which juice has more acid orange juice or grape juice?

Probably orange juice :L