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it causes cancer and brain disorders

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What are the effects of radiation fallout?

radiation sickness

Discuss the effects of ionizing radiation on cellular constituents?

what are the effects of ionizing radiation on cellular constituents

Harmful effects of radioactivity and radiation?

harmfull effects of radiation on the body are cancer, and mutations in the later generations.

Does the radiation from tv affect childrens health?

The radiation from modern televisions is negligible.

Do LED TV emit radiation?

An LED TV does emit radiation. However, the amount is very small and not considered harmful. The radiation from an LED television is much less than the radiation that was emitted from older television models.

Is a TV a conduction or a convection or a radiation?

A television radiates light from its screen.

What were the effects of radiation on the environment?

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What can be done to overcome the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation?

Impose and enforce a strict limit on the amount of TV your children are allowed to watch.

What type of radiation is in TV remote control?

infrared radiation is used in tv remotes

What is acute versus long-term effects?

the acute effects of radiation are those effects that occur within 1 or 2 months after exposure to radiation.

Is radiation in a tv?


Does radiation effects cockroaches?


Is there radiation effects in hiroshima today?


When did Radiation effects from Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster happen?

Radiation effects from Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster happened in 2011.

What are the effects of radiation on living things?

radiation can cause living things to mutate.

What has the author G J Dienes written?

G. J. Dienes has written: 'Studies in radiation effects on solids' 'Radiation effects in solids' -- subject(s): Effect of radiation on, Solids

What is the long effect of radiation on the body and organs?

The effects of radiation are dependent on the intensity and duration of exposure. See related links below for effects.

Is there radiation in LCD TV?


What kind of radiation in tv screen?

Electromagnetic / X-Ray Radiation.

What are the good effects of radiation?

Radiation is an excellent anti-microbial agent. Radiation is important to the decomposition of many materials. Radiation is essential for x-ray technology.

What are the negative effects of alpha radiation?

the negative effects of alpha radiation in general, alpha is of small risk to humans. compared to it's cousin's, beta and gamma.

Do LCD TVs emit any radiation?

No, they do not. Because of the technology, LCD televisions emit far less energy than standard televisions and do not emit radiation.

What is radiation pollution and what are its causes and effects?

Radiation pollution is the increase in natural background radiation. There are many sources of radiation pollution such as research laboratories, nuclear power plants, etc. The worst case of the radiation pollution was the Chernobyl disaster , which occurred over a century ago, but the effects still linger on today.

What are the negative effects of overexposure to radiation?

DNA Damage.

How does computer effects to students?

Computer has harmful radiations.. radiation can clown a human brain.. this clowning results to brain disability to think.. such things in our daily lives contribute to human clowning by radiation like cellular phones, television sets and radio

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