What are the effects on Earth after recent Tsunami in Japan?


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the tsunami is Japan is very tragict

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The most recent tsunami was in Japan happened 2011, during the Earthquake.

The most recent tsunami was the March, 2011 Japan. It took place in Tohoku region in Japan.

The most recent tsunami was the one that hit Japan in 2011.

The most recent Tsunami to hit Japan was in March of 2011.

tsunami of japan and 2004 indian ocean tsunami

Tsunami's always come to Japan because of Earthquakes there. Most recent tsunami on March 11, 2011

It was in March of 2011 in Japan.

It was not the biggest but it was certainly big

The recent disater started with an earthquake which precipitated an tsunami.

1. Go to a search engine and click images. 2. Type in "Japan tsunami 2011" 3. Look at your results. That, my friend, is the main effects of a tsunami.

Many countries have suffered from the effects of a tsunami, most recently, Japan.

2011 In Japan 8.9 earth quake caused the tsunami

No one knows what the final total will be.

No. Solar flares have nothing to do with tsunamis.

Earth Quake and Tsunami attack.

Tsunamis do not have epicentres. Earthquakes do. Sometimes, as in the case of Japan, earthquakes cause tsunamis.

lots of damage and tons of people homeless.

Beacause a earth quik happend in japan and tsunami .......

The earth quake and tsunami in japan

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