What are the eight sororities and fraternities?

Updated: 8/17/2019
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Q: What are the eight sororities and fraternities?
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Does Auburn University have fraternities and sororities?

Yes, Auburn has 28 fraternities and 17 sororities.

How many sororities and fraternities are there?

26 international sororities, but im not sure how many fraternities there are.

What fraternities or sororities are at liberty university?

they don't offer fraternities or sororities at Liberty, unfortunately

Does Fordham University have fraternities?

No. It does not have fraternities or sororities.

How do sororities and fraternities got their names?

The names of fraternities and sororities are self-selected, and the history behind their names are unique to each organization.

Do other community colleges have fraternities and sororities?

Even though it is not common in most community colleges, some community colleges do in fact have fraternities and sororities.

Does sbcc have sororities?

no, SBCC does not have sororities or fraternities. It has an academic honor society with agree-ish name but no legit sororities.

Greek symbols are still used where?

In fraternities and sororities.

What are some sororities and fraternities at clark atlanta university?

the fraternities and sororities that i know of in particular are the alpha phi alpha group and delta, and alpha kappa alpha inc.

Does Florida State University have fraternities and sororities?

Yes. There is a very active fraternity and sorority life at Florida State. You can learn about which fraternities and sororities are on campus at

What is a geed in reference to fraternities and sororities?

Anyone who isn't Greek.

Are there sororities and fraternities at Purdue?

yes there is a greek system at Purdue