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Q: What are the electric squiggles that represent the relationship between the sound made or spoken then heard?
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Which of these equations could represent the relationship between m and n?

None of these could represent anything!

What represent a correspondence between the various data elements?


What is the relationship between an electric force and an electric field?

An electric force is the force on an electric charge or an electrically charged object when immersed in an electric field.

What is the relationship between positive and negative electric charges?

The relationship between positive and negative electric charges is in their number of electrons. This causes them to be attracted or repel each other based on this charge.

Who discovered the relationship between the electric current and resistance?

This relationship was discovered by Karl Georg Ohm.

The relationship between magnetism and electric current was discovered by?

Michael Faraday

Phase relationship between oscillating electric and magnetic fields?


What distinguish electric field intensity from electric potential stating the unit of each?

Electric Field Intensity also simply referred to as the Electric Field is a vector quantity with the units (V/m) (Volts per meter) Symbol: E (Boldface to represent a vector)Electric Potential is a scalar quantity with units V (Volts). Also sometimes referred to as Voltage when dealing with the difference between two points. Symbol: V (non-bolded to represent a scalar)The relationship between the two is:The Electric Field Intensity E is equal to the negative of the gradient of V.

What is the relationship between you and R in networks of parallel resistors in electric circuits?


What is a many to many relationship in dbms?

Many to many relationship in DBMS is usually a mirror of the real-life relationship between objects that tables represent.

What decisions do you have to make when you write an equation to represent a relationship between variables?

an equal sign

What is the relationship between torque and speed for an electric motor?

Torque and speed are inversely proportional