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What are the enemies of an ostrich?


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yes they do like lions and leopards

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Adult ostriches have few enemies but the ones they do have include larger cats such as lions. Ostrich chicks have a high mortality rate and can fall prey to jackals, hyenas, birds of prey, and vultures.

a young ostrich is a smaller version of an adult ostrich the difference is a young ostrich has less age than an adult ostrich

Struţ is a Romanian equivalent of 'ostrich'.

Ostrich females asre called hens Ostrich males are called ostrich males

With their feet! Well they do more than that, but you have to remember the they are sometimes nine feet tall and they have feet to go with it. To keep their eggs safe they kick them. Yes you read right, they kick their eggs from one place to another to keep their enemies from knowing where they are. An ostrich egg can weigh as much a a bowling ball and an ostrich kick can be deadly.

There is only one species of ostrich, it is the ostrich itself.

when a male ostrich makes love with a female ostrich

An Ostrich is white.

The name of a male ostrich is a "cock". The name of a female ostrich is a hen. The newly hatched ostrich is a chick.

An ostrich chick.

The mass of a ostrich is 130kg.

Ostrich are native to Africa

How Tall is an Ostrich?

no,a Ostrich can't fly

Yes,ostrich is a scavenger .

An Ostrich is a bird Einstein...

Yes, as an ostrich has a backbone.

The ostrich is native to Africa.

yes an ostrich have wings

ostrichostrich i thinkThe Condor has the biggest wingspan.The Ostrich is the heaviest.

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