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Common enemies of a baboon would be leopards, lions, and hyenas.

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Q: What are the enemies of the olive baboon?
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When was Olive baboon created?

Olive baboon was created in 1827.

How Olive baboon symbiosis with African elephant?

the answer is mutual-ism because the elephants digs holes in the ground for water and the baboon watches for danger. when the baboon screeches that is when the elephant and baboon run away.

The olive baboon is also named for an Egyptian god even though he was actually jackalheaded not baboon headed What is this other name?

Anubis Baboon

What are the predators of the olive baboon?

humans, lions, leopards and hyenas are the major predators of olive baboon. however, troop of baboons can fight against leopard and hyena but lions and humans are biggest danger for them.

What species does olive baboon belong?

Papio Anubis

What is the other name for an olive baboon that is also named for an Egyptian god even though he was actually jackal-headed?

Anubis baboon

What are the main baboons?

Yellow baboon Olive Baboon Those are the 2 main baboon species but there are also 3 other less popular types

What color is a olive baboon?

Green like a US Army jacket.

What is a baboon defense method?

A defense method many apes like the baboon use is to show their sharp teeth to warn off enemies.

Is a baboon a predator or a prey?

Both. As a predator the Baboon will eat insects, hares, birds small vervet monkeys and small antelopes although they are mostly herbivores. Its enemies are man, lions and hyenas

What is the scientific name or taxonomic classification of the mammal Olive baboon?

The scientific or taxonomic name would be Papio hamadryas anubis.

Why did Popeye and Bluto become enemies?

Popeye and Bluto became enemies because the two are rivals for Olive Oyl's affections .

What is the specific name for a baboon monkey?

Baboons belong to the genus Papio, and there are 5 species of baboons in the genus Papio. Here are the 5 species, and their specific names:Hamadryas baboon, Papio hamadryasGuinea baboon, Papio papioOlive baboon, Papio anubisYellow baboon, Papio cynocephalusChacma baboon, Papio ursinus

What is a baboons defense?

A defense method many apes like the baboon use is to show their sharp teeth to warn off enemies.

Where olive baboon is on food chain?

they are pretty far up but they are still eaten by animals like lions and tigers but they eat insects and other food

What is an antonym for baboon?

There is no antonym for baboon. A baboon is a specific type of animal so the opposite would have to be 'not baboon'.

What genus is a baboon in?

A baboon is a primate.

Who is stronger a gorilla or baboon?

A baboon

Is a baboon a carnivore?

no a baboon a herbivore!

What do baboon spiders eat?


Is a baboon a decomposer?

is a baboon a decomposer

What animal symbolizes Humility?


Does a baboon have a tail?

Yes, a baboon has a tail.

Is a baboon a consumer or a producer?

a baboon is a consumer

What is the Hebrew word for baboon?