What are the enlistment requirements for the US Army?

  • Minimum 17.5 years of age with parental concent, 18 without.
  • High school graduate (some GED's are accepted).
  • No criminal history of convictions (most misdemeanors are waiverable, as are some felony convictions).
  • good physical health.
  • Ability to pass the Army Physical Training Test.
  • ASVAB GT Score of 90 or higher (some MOS's have higher individual GT score requirements).

As of 20 May 2010:

* Be between the age of 17 years old and 42 years old

* Be a High School Senior or Graduate, College student

* GED with 15 college hours or more

* Not have any major law violations (no felonies, drug related, multiple DUI's), not currently accepting law violation waivers

* Meet the current Height/Weight screening tables or meet 26% body fat for males or 30% body fat for females

* Be able to pass the ASVAB with a score of 31 or higher

* Have the personal desire and commitment to enlist

As the enlistment rules and regulations change without prior notification, it is always best to consult with a local recruiter to determine eligibility. Do your own research prior to your appointment and take notes.