What are the example of consensus theory?

Updated: 9/22/2023
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Q: What are the example of consensus theory?
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An example of a theory and an law?

A theory is an idea system with a lot of evidence to support it--for example, the theory of evolution. A law (in science) is an idea system with proof attached to it--no contradictions--example, the law of gravitation.

Does a scientific law become a scientific theory?

A theory, when proven over time, can become a law. Example: Law of Gravity and Theory of Evolution

What is a non-example of a scientific theory?

it is a example of a law that can't be proven by science

How can scientific theory change?

If new evidence or observations falsify a scientific theory, the theory must be changed to adapt to the new data or discarded altogether. The discoverer of the falsification usually publishes his or her results in a peer-reviewed scientific journal, through which the information is presented to the scientific community. Theories are not "official," but they instead rely on consensus and an understanding of the evidence involved and the scientific method. Usually, however, since a hypothesis must be tested rigorously in order to be accepted as theory, the existing theory needs only to be modified or expanded, and not discarded entirely.

What is 3 examples of theories and laws?

The difference between theory and natural law is that a theory is a framework, while a natural law is a single rule, usually expressed in mathematics. They are not two different stages of acceptance among scientists (as it is sometimes claimed in error); they are two completely different things; a theory does not evolve into a law with when sufficient evidence for a theory has been gathered for example. For example consider: The Theory of Special Relativity <-- Theory Speed of light is constant <-- Law Theory of Electromagnetism <-- Theory Divergence of the Magnetic field is zero <-- Law Quantum Field Theory <-- Theory Conservation of Energy <-- Law

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How does consensus theory related to education?

how consensus is related to education

Is value consensus is a concept with functionalist theory?


What is the influence of the conflict and consensus theories on a teacher's work?

According to my interviewee: there so many instances that affect my work by conflict and consensus theory In Consensus Theory, for example i have a students that are hard to speak straight tagalog and hard to adapt the new environment because he/she was came from province, so I'm the one who make more adjustment. In Conflict Theory, for example you a have a students that are rich and also you have a students that are not too rich, all the favors of you was only at your students which is rich. In this situation there is a inequality between the the students because in conflict theory the more you richer the more you have the power, it is all about class conflict.

Is god male or feamale?

Majority consensus male but of course only theory.

Which theory argues that crime is due to social conflict social change and a lack of consensus in the group?

Social disorganization theory dr

Which theoretical perspective maintains that stability requires a consensus and the support of society's members?

Functionalist theory

What are the elements of attribution theory?

there three elements for attribution they are:- 1. Distinctiveness 2. Consensus and 3. Consistency

Identify the major differences between conflict theory and consensus theory?

1. One difference between conflict and consensus theories is that conflict theories stresses that people are disadvantaged because of many things which includes class, gender, social class and wealth, where consensus theories focus on believing that society functions by all parts working interpedently together.

Is passing a bylaw an example of decision making by consensus or compromise?


Why is plate tectonics theory thought to be a unifying theory?

Plate tectonics is considered to be a unifying theory because a consensus finds it to be true. Most scientists believe the plate tectonics cause volcanoes and earthquakes.

Which theoretical perspective views social order as being maintained through cooperation and consensus?

Functionalism and conflict theory

Example of force theory?

Adolf Hitler is an example of the force theory