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What are the examples of Oda?


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Ano ang halimbawa ng oda?


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Eiichiro Oda goes by Oda-san.

Oda Pretschner's birth name is Oda Jekaterina Pretzschner.

Oda Nielsen's birth name is Oda Laurenze Helmine Larssen.

Oda Nobunaga was a daimyo of Japan

No, Eiichiro Oda is alive as of 2015.

Oda Nielsen was born in 1851.

Kazumasa Oda is 172 cm.

Nobunari Oda is 5' 5".

Sakunosuke Oda was born in 1913.

Oda Nobuharu was born in 1549.

Oda Nobuharu died in 1570.

Yūsei Oda was born in 1969.

Oda Nagamasa was born in 1587.

Oda Nagamasu was born in 1548.

Oda Katsunaga was born in 1568.

Oda Katsunaga died in 1582.

Hideji Oda was born in 1962.

Saint Oda died in 726.

Saint Oda was born in 680.

Oda Groeschel was born in 1940.

Shigeru Oda was born in 1924.

Hisafumi Oda was born in 1981.

Oda of Haldensleben died in 1023.

Oda Krohg died in 1935.

Oda Krohg was born in 1860.

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