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When was Mikio Oda born?

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Mikio Oda was born in 1905.

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Mikio Oda died in 1998.

Mikio Sasaki was born in 1937.

Mikio Igarashi was born in 1955.

Mikio Sakai was born in 1970.

Mikio Fujita was born in 1968.

Mikio Shirai was born on 1950-05-31.

Mikio Hasemoto was born on 1916-07-13.

Mikio Matsushita was born on April 3, 1948.

Mikio Aoki was born on 1934-06-08.

Mikio Sato was born on 1928-04-18.

Mikio Manaka was born on 1969-05-22.

Mikio Narita was born on January 31, 1935, in Sakata, Japan.

Mikio Ohsawa was born on April 20, 1969, in Tokyo, Japan.

Mikio Terashima was born on September 4, 1931, in Fukui, Japan.

Mikio Naruse was born on August 20, 1905, in Yotsuya, Tokyo, Japan.

Noriko Oda was born in 1947.

Oda of Brabant was born in 1134.

Oda Nielsen was born in 1851.

Sakunosuke Oda was born in 1913.

Oda Nobuharu was born in 1549.

Yūsei Oda was born in 1969.

Oda Nagamasa was born in 1587.

Oda Nagamasu was born in 1548.

Oda Katsunaga was born in 1568.

Hideji Oda was born in 1962.