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everything in the world and im not lying

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Q: What are the examples of plastic that made of alkenes?
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What are the examples of alkenes?

ethene ,propene,butene

What are some examples of alkene?

examples of alkenes are ethene, butene and pentene.

In Chemistry what does Alkenes mean?

Alkenes are hydrocarbons containing carbon-carbon double bonds. There are several different names for alkenes. Some examples are butane, pentene and octadiene.

What are some examples of alkanes and alkenes?

Saturated oils and waxes are all types of alkanes and alkenes The Ice man ;) Call me ladies... ;')

How are alkenes used to make polymers?

Usually, pressure and a catalyst (initiator) are applied and the result is a polyalkene or polyolefin. Examples include polyethylene and polypropylene etc.

What plastic is a plastic bottle made from?

Examples: polyethylene terephtalate (PET), polyethylene, polypropylene.

How are alkenes made from alkanes?

cracking maybe?

Who found alkenes?

Zoe alkenes found alkenes

What does cornstarch do as a polymer?

Cornstarch polymers are polymers made from alkenes that are mixed with cornstarch so that they are easily biodegradeable. They are used for plastic bags so that they when they are sent to a landfill site, they biodegrade quickly and easily.

What petro-chemicals products are obtained from cracking?

Examples: alkanes, alkenes, cycloalkanes, aromatric hydrocarbons, etc.

Why do they make rulers out of plastic?

Not all rulers are made of plastic, you can get examples that are made of wood or even metal. However, plastic is a material that is easy to mould and this makes plastic rulers cheep to purchase. You can also see through some of them which makes them easier to use.

Are all alkenes gases?

No. The lower alkenes are gases. As the number of carbon atom increases, liquid and solid alkenes are known.