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Superior Rectus

Medial Rectus


Superior Oblique

Inferior Oblique

Lateral Rectus

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Q: What are the extrinsic eye muscles?
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Function of the extrinsic muscles of the eye?

Help move the eye

What extrinsic eye muscles are controlled during the convergence reflex?

The voluntary muscles of the eye is the extrinsic eye muscle that are controlled during the convergence reflex. The convergence reflex is keen on keeping the eye alert.

How many extrinsic muscles are attached to each eye?


How do extrinsic eye muscles differ in action from the instrintic eye muscles?

Extrinsic eye muscles move the eyeball in relation to the rest of the body, whereas intrinsic muscles move structures within the eyeball.A: The extrinsic muscles control the movement of the eyes.The extrinsic muscles are controlled by the somatic nervous system(voluntary) The intrinsicmuscles control the lens and pupil. The intrinsiceye muscles, (including the iris sphincter, radial pupilodilator muscles and the ciliarymuscle), are under the control of the autonomic nervous system(involuntary)

What part of the eye is an extrinsic eye muscle?

They are the muscles that move the in quick and precise ways.

What is the difference between extrinsic and intrinsic eye muscles?

Extrinsic muscles are voluntary muscles,external to the eye, that control the direction the eye moves in e.g looking left or right. Intrinsic muscles are within the eye, such as those that control the size of the pupil. Intrinsic muscle is not under voluntary control.

The trochlear nerve innervates which extrinsic eye muscle?

Trochlear Nerve innervates Superior Oblique(extrinsic eye muscle)Oculomotor Nerve innervates Inferior Oblique, Superior Rectus, Inferior Rectus, and Medial Rectus (which are all extrinsic eye muscles) along with Ciliary Body, and the Iris (which are both intrinsic eye muscles)Abducens Nerve innervates Lateral Rectus(extrinsic eye muscle)

Why is it more of a strain on the intrinsic and extrinsic eye muscle to look at the close objects than at far objects?

extrinsic muscles are strained

How many extrinsic eye muscles are attached to the exterior surface of each eyeball?


What is the muscle that is attached to the eye that allows us to direct your eyes toward a moving object?

The Extrinsic Eye Muscles

Which of the extrinsic eye muscles moves the eye up and turns it toward the outside margin of the body?

inferior oblique

Is gross eye movements are produced by five extrinsic eye muscles attached to the outer surface of each eye?

yes they are, I studied this in college

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