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What are the factors affecting corrosion?


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  1. temperature
  2. pH
  3. humidity
  4. salt

Rate of corrosion and extend of corrosion depends mainly on two factors i.e.,

  • Nature of metal
  • Nature of corroding environment
Nature of material
  1. Purity of metal
  2. Physical State of metal
  3. Position of metal in Galvanic series
  4. Nature of oxide film
  5. Nature of products of corrosion
  6. Relative areas of cathode and anode
  7. Passivation
  8. Over-voltage
Nature of corroding environment
  1. Temperature
  2. Humidity
  3. pH
  4. Pressure of impurities in atmosphere
  5. Nature of electrolyte
  6. Solubility of products of corrosion
  7. Conductance of corroding medium
  8. Formation of oxygen concentration cell