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  • Missed period
  • Positive pregnancy test
  • Feeling/being sick
  • Certain smells/foods/colors making you feel/be sick
  • Needing to pee more
  • Headaches
  • Exhaustion
  • Moody and emotional
  • Sore/tender breasts
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A missed period is usually understood as the first sign of pregnancy. Other symptoms may present as well. These include fatigue, changes in appetite, and tender/swollen breasts among other things. If you find out you are pregnant it is important to take the necessary time to assess your own situation. Consult with the people you love and trust.

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She'll skip her period and start having morning sickness, which basically means she'll start vomiting. She'll also have frequent urination, breast tenderness and be tired often. She'll start avoiding certain foods and she'll be sensitive to certain smells.

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Q: What are the first signs of pregnancy?
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What are signs of first pregnancy?

You were never pregnant before!

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What are the symetums of pregnancy?

Early signs of pregnancy: #1Missed PeriodEarly signs of pregnancy: #2Just "Feeling" PregnantEarly signs of pregnancy: #3Breast TendernessEarly signs of pregnancy: #4FatigueEarly signs of pregnancy: #5Frequent UrinationEarly signs of pregnancy: #6NauseaEarly signs of pregnancy: #7Dizziness and/or FaintingEarly signs of pregnancy: #8Food Cravings, or Aversions to FoodsEarly signs of pregnancy: #9Sensitivity to AromasEarly signs of pregnancy: #10Morning SicknessEarly signs of pregnancy: #11Heartburn and/or ConstipationEarly signs of pregnancy: #12Mood Swings and IrritabilityEarly signs of pregnancy: #13Higher body temperatureEarly signs of pregnancy: #14Low Back PainEarly signs of pregnancy: #15Implantation BleedingEarly signs of pregnancy: #16A Positive Pregnancy TestEarly signs of pregnancy symptoms: #17Bloating and Weight Gain

Is abdomenal pain an early sign of pregnancy?

Yes that is one of the very first signs of pregnancy

Can you have pregnancy symptoms in the first week like just little signs?

Can you have pregnancy symptoms in first week after having sex

First signs of pregnancy when its going to be your second child?

The same as the first time

What are signs of pregnancy for the first week?

Sudden Felling of harmony

What can you feel when you are pregnant?

The first signs of pregnancy are morning sickness.

What does it mean when you gain weight and your tired?

First signs of pregnancy

Signs of pregnancy a week after removel of implanon?

Signs of pregnancy are the same in all patients. A missing period and positive pregnancy tests are signs of pregnancy.

What are the first signs of pregnancy and how long do you have to wait to take a test and get an accurate result?

the first signs of pregnancy are swollen sore breasts, morning sickness or nausea, gaining weight, and sometimes you may feel emotional. you can do a home pregnancy test from the first day you are late from you period.

Are cramps one of the first signs of pregnancy?

In some women yes.

What are signs of pregnancy on the 2 week?

If it is not your first pregnancy you may recognise signs by the way u feel, I'm pregnant with my 4th and knew straight away. Other then that u don't really have any signs until you have missed that first period.

Are Hip pain low back pain for 2months cramping pregnancy signs?

Pregnancy signs vary. The first sign you will get is a missed period. You should take a pregnancy test if you have had unprotected intercourse and have missed your period.

Is cramping and headches signs of pregnancy?

Yes they can both be early signs of pregnancy.

How early on in pregnancy do you have signs?

You'll get your first sign when your period won't come.

When would you start experience signs of early pregnancy?

After the first missed period.

When swollen or tender breast happen during pregnancy?

Swollen and/or tender breasts are usually among the first signs of pregnancy.

Breast pain nibble sensitive early signs of pregnancy?

Yes they are signs of pregnancy.

What does cramping nausea and fatigue mean?

Cramping, nausea, and fatigue can be signs of pregnancy. These symptoms, along with tender, swollen breasts, and frequent urination are the first signs of pregnancy, after a missed period.

Can menopause be mistaken for pregnancy?

Yes. This happens very commonly. When you miss the the periods, the first thing that come to your mind is pregnancy. Your doctor will tell you that there are no signs of pregnancy.

How early do you feels signs of pregnancy?

Pregnancy symptoms usually occur about the first week of your expected period to 1-2 weeks after your expected period. Your first signs of pregnancy most commonly include: * missed period * tender/swollen breasts * change in color of the breasts * fatigue

What are the signs of pregnancy during ovulation?

There are no signs of pregnancy during ovulation. If you are pregnant you don't ovulate.