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1. Economics

2. Biology

3. Political Science

4. Economics (it should be mentioned twice)

5. Anthropology (huge graduate program)

Granted, this isn't based on firm statistics - rather, on very informed estimates from current students.

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University of Chicago

Chicago, Illinois Area, Ethnic, Cultural, & Gender Studies
  • African Studies B
  • African-American Studies B
  • German Studies B
  • Latin American Studies B
  • Near/Middle Eastern Studies B
  • Russian/Slavic Area Studies B
  • Slavic Studies B
  • South Asian Studies B
Arts, Visual & Performing
  • Art History/Criticism/Conservation B
  • Arts - General B
  • Film Studies B
  • Music - General B
Biological & Biomedical Sciences
  • Biochemistry B
  • Biology B
Computer & Information Sciences
  • Computer/Information Sciences - General B
English Language & Literature
  • English Language & Literature - General B
Foreign Language & Literature
  • Ancient Near Eastern/Biblical Languages B
  • Arabic B
  • Classics B
  • Comparative Literature B
  • East Asian B
  • French B
  • German B
  • Greek, Ancient B
  • Hebrew B
  • Italian B
  • Latin B
  • Linguistics B
  • Portuguese B
  • Russian B
  • Scandinavian B
  • Slavic B
  • South Asian B
  • Spanish B
  • History - General B
Liberal Arts & Sciences
  • Liberal Arts & Sciences B
  • Applied Mathematics B
  • Mathematics - General B
  • Statistics B
Natural Resources & Conservation
  • Environmental Studies B
Philosophy & Religion
  • Jewish/Judaic Studies B
  • Philosophy B
  • Religion/Religious Studies B
Physical Sciences
  • Chemistry B
  • GeophysicsSeismology B
  • Physics B
  • Psychology - General B
Public Administration & Services
  • Public Policy Analysis B
Social Sciences
  • Anthropology B
  • Economics B
  • Geography B
  • International Relations B
  • Political Science/Government B
  • Sociology B
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Psychology, communications, business, film, and engineering.

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These are 5 popular ones.

1. Business Administration and Management/Commerce

2. Psychology

3. Nursing

4. Biology/Biological Sciences

and 5. Education

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Q: What are the five most popular majors at UCLA?
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