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verbs are something you do like for an example;I ran. for example almost immediately the tiger attacked so in this sentence attacked is the verb. Verbs are action words but not all the time. There are also two kinds of verbs; Action and Linking. these two can function as Transitive or Intransitive. whereby Transitive verbs have voice, which can be Active or Passive

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What are the semantic classes of English verbs?

Verb semantic classes are then constructed from verbs, modulo exceptions, which undergo a certain number of alternations. From this classification, a set of verb semantic classes is organized. We have, for example, the classes of verbs of putting, which include Put verbs, Funnel Verbs, Verbs of putting in a specified direction, Pour verbs, Coil verbs, etc. Other sets of classes include Verbs of removing, Verbs of Carrying and Sending, Verbs of Throwing, Hold and Keep verbs, Verbs of contact by impact, Image creation verbs, Verbs of creation and transformation, Verbs with predicative complements, Verbs of perception, Verbs of desire, Verbs of communication, Verbs of social interaction, etc. As can be noticed, these classes only partially overlap with the classification adopted in WordNet. This is not surprising since the classification criteria are very different.

What are the two classes of verbs in Englishthe following auxiliary verbs-have-be-do-can-must-dare-what their infinitives?

The classes are: auxiliary verbs and ordinary verbs. the infinitive of have is to have the infinitive of be is to be the infinitive of do is to do the infinitive of can is to be able the infinitive of must is to have to the infinitive of dare is to dare

What are the parts of a verb?

Finite and non-finite verbs and transitiveand intransitive verbs are the four parts of verbs.

What is anomalous verbs?

Additionally there is a further group of four verbs which are anomalous, the verbs "want" (modern "will"), "do", "go" and "be". These four have their own conjugation schemes which differ significantly from all the other classes of verb. This is not especially unusual: "want", "do", "go", and "be" are the most commonly used verbs in the language, and are very important to the meaning of the sentences in which they are used. Idiosyncratic patterns of inflection are much more common with important items of vocabulary than with rarely-used ones.

Are nouns verbs and modifiers the three main English word classes?


What are four verbs to doscribe juror 3 in twelve angry men?

People are described by adjectives, not verbs.

What are the four Greek social classes?

upper classes, lower classes , middle classes, and slaves

What are pronouns adverbs verbs nouns and adjectives?

They are all word classes / parts of speech.

What were the four social classes in the spanish colonies of north America?

The four social classes in the Spanish colonies were peninsulares, creoles, mestizos, and Indians.

What are four classes of fire?

Four classes of fire from a fire science perspective are: Incipient, growth, fully developed, decay.

What were the four social classes of the American colonies?

The four social classes of the American Colonies were:The Creoles, Mestizos, Peninsulars & Mulattoes.

What are the four major classes of organic compounds?

Carbohydrates,Lipids,Proteins and Nucleic Acids are the four major classes of organic compounds.

What are core classes?

Core classes are the four main classes; ELA, Science, Social Studies, and Math.Holly907

What are four different classes of sponges?

Calcarea, Hexactinellida, Demospongiae, and Sclerospongiae are the four classes of sponges. The class a sponge is in is determined by the type of spicules.

What were the four social classes of catal huyuk?

it seems like they didnt have social classes

What are the names of the 4 classes of macromolecules?

There are four classes. They are carbohydrates,proteins,lipids and nucleicacids

What are the classes for racing ATVs?

what are the racing classes for racing four wheelers? there are 3 classes the begginer amamtuer and pro class

What are four verbs that describe a physical change?

to melt, to boil, to freeze, to liquefy

What are the character classes in the video game Alien Swarm?

Alien Swarm has four classes with two characters available for each class. The four main classes are the officer, the special weapons, the medic, and the tech.

Why do you need English classes?

to teach how to write properly and all of the writing rules like ajectives, nouns, verbs and all of that.

What are the four classes of fire?

There are actually five classes of fire, A,B,C,D, and K.

What are the four classes of fires?

There are actually five classes of fire, A,B,C,D, and K.

How many classes of storage do you have?

In C there are four storage classes: automatic, external, register and static.

What are the four principles classes of organic compounds?

The four principal classes of organic compounds are proteins, carbohydrates, lipids and nucleic acids. They are also referred to as macromolecules.

What are the four major classes or organic compounds?

The four major classes of biological organic compounds are lipids, proteins, carbohydrates, and nucleic acids. Hope that was what you were looking for :)