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What are the four quadrants of the earth?

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A sphere is not usually divided into 4 quadrants. Dividing by 2 along each of the 3 orthogonal axes partitions the sphere into 8.

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The four quadrants.The four quadrants.The four quadrants.The four quadrants.

Northwest, northeast, southwest, and southeast quadrants.

The four quadrants of the abdomen are the right and left upper quadrants and the right and left lower quadrants.

There are only four, the word quadrants hints to that quad meaning four.

The coordinate plane is divided into four quarters by the axes. These are the four quadrants.

Is the thorax of the human body subdivided superficially into four quadrants?

The torso can be subdivided into four quadrants and nine regions.

Break it down.the word Quad, means four.So four quadrants are in one circle.

There are four abdominopelvic quadrants located in the abdomen. These quadrants are the right Upper (RUQ) , Left Upper(LUQ), Right lower(RLQ), left lower quadrant (LLQ).

There are four quadrants in a square co-ordinate system.

The abdominopelvic cavity can be divided into four quadrants. They are the right upper (RUQ), the right lower (RLQ), the left upper (LUQ) and the left lower (LLQ) quadrants.

Earthquake distribution is not related to quadrants (which are an imaginary construct).

Miami's streets are divided into four quadrants: Northeast, Northwest, Southeast and Southwest. Flagler Street divides the north and south quadrants. Miami Avenue divides the east and west quadrants.

In maths x and y-axis divide plane into four parts these parts are called quadrants.

In order for there to be equilibrium, or balance, within quadrants, pulleys must be on opposite sides of the quadrant. If there are four pulleys in the same quadrant, there can be no equilibrium, nor can there be equilibrium if four pulleys are in adjacent quadrants.

northeast, northwest, southeast, and southwest.

The Cartesian graph is divided into four sections called quadrants.

they're the four squares that make up the coordinate grid.

It is the Cartesian plane or coordinated grid

it's located on all four quadrants.

The four quadrants of the body are as followed: - Left Upper Quadrant (LUQ) - Right Upper Quadrant (RUQ) - Left Lower Quadrant (LLQ) - Right Lower Quadrant (RLQ)

Washington D.C. can be broken up into four quadrants. Northwest DC, Northeast DC, Southeast DC, Southwest DC. The center of this cross is the US Capitol Building.

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