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Four types of weather you may experience are RAIN, HAIL, SLEET, AND SNOW.


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The weather around the Native Americans depended on the area they lived in. They would experience the four seasons as those in modern times.

Yes, you experience or feel cold weather

Singapore is located near the equator, so it does not experience the four seasons.It is summer all year round in Singapore.The weather is often warm, hot and humid except for the rainy days.

Israel has a variable climate that allows most areas to experience weather typical of all four seasons. It usually has dry and hot weather in the fall and summer, warm weather in the spring, and mild cold in the winter.

There are four kinds of weather. They are coastal weather, hot weather, cold weather, and mountain weather. Within these types are many variables.

Four kinds of weather are sunny, windy, rainy, snowy.

Mainly, the year is divided into four main seasons, spring, summer, autumn and winter. Australia, China, Korea, Pakistan, India, Afghanistan are the countries that experience the four seasons.

All biomes experience varying weather.

the tropics has hot and cold weather..

The weather in Honshu is subtropical.In the north they experience snow whereas the southern parts experience a warm climate. these weather changes are due to the elevation of the area.

parasites predation weather and clement are four ways natural factors can change a populations size.

there are four syllables in experience

Countries that are closer to the equator experience less variety in their seasons. Singapore is in that region. Countries that are further from the equator experience the four seasons. It is all down to the way the Earth tilts. It has more affect on countries that are further from the equator in terms of the weather extremes that are experienced.

No they don't. The weather stays warm and rainy all year long. =] - hopes this helps! xoxo CJS

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The four kinds of weather are:-1) Summer2)Winter3)Spring4)Autumn

1.) Fine Weather 2.) Fair Weather 3.) Rainy Weather 4.) stormy Weather

Clouds can form in one of four ways: mountains, the rise of air masses, cold or warm weather fronts, and surface heating. Cumulus clouds form by surface heating or mountains, status forms by weather fronts, and all types can form by the rising of air masses.

because the change of the weather and the weather diffrents from others

There are many ways in which weather affects your wealth. If you are a farmer the weather affects your crop yield.

Two ways to keep yourself informed during severe weather are checking Weather Underground's website and by texting ChaCha.

The earth has very unique weather when compared to other planets. It is the only planet that experiences the four different seasons due to the planetÕs tilt. The planet earth is the only planet to experience temperate climates.

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