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The dye can allow us to view the DNA after separation from electrophoresis. Without the dye, it is hard for us to see how far fragments of DNA traveled from their original location.

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What are the functions of the loading dye in electrophoresis?

First, loading dye is meant to help weigh down the DNA solution, so that it can sink into the bottom of the wells and not float in the buffer solution.Second, two different types of loading dye are used in electrophoresis. One of them moves more quickly than most of your DNA fragments, and the other moves more slowly, helping you determine the relative position of your DNA, as it should be in between the two bars or dye. This also tells you when to stop electrophoresis so that your DNA does not fall out of your agarose gel.Note that loading dye does not bind to the DNA itself and does not allow you to see the bars of DNA usually seen in a complete DNA fingerprint.

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What is the purpose of a stain in electrophoresis?

I think the Question should be " What is the use of a dye in electrophoresis?" to be more specific, The normal dyes that are incorporated into the sample loading buffer in case of agarose gel is bromophenol blue and xylene cyanol.These are used to track the movement of the sample, so that we can stop the electrophoresis when the dye front is nearly 80%(can vary depending on the molecular weight of the sample) away from the well. In case of polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis the dye has many functions: gives density to the sample so that it sits properly in the well. SDS binds to the amino acid and makes it anionic, so that the movement of the sample is based on molecular weight, if not the charge of the protein will also influence the movement. it also helps us to track the movement of the sample. DTT or mercaptoethanol helps in the breaking of cysteine bonds.. That's it.. But the question is too broad and can be specific!!!!!!!!!1

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Function of agarose in agarose gel electrophoresis?

Agarose is used in gel electrophoresis to separate nucleic acids (like DNA) by size, charge an other physical properties. Gel electrophoresis uses an electrical current to make particles move. For example, DNA is negative, so it'll travel towards to positive electrode of the gel box. Agarose has small pores through which a DNA can travel. Bigger fragments of DNA travel shorter distances, because it takes longer for them to navigate through the pores of the agarose gel. Identically sized pieces of DNA will travel the same distance, which is why you get bands (DNA with loading dye) after you run a a gel.

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