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What are the fuses for on a 1998 Cadillac sts?


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the battery is under the back seat and so are the fuse boxes there is also a fuse box under the trunk

where is fuse box under trunk

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it should, but the emissions regulations of the 2002 car are different than that of the 1998 motor

Cadillac STS was created in 2005.

On the passenger side under the hood, and under the back seat next to the battery.

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Cadillac STS-V was created in 2005.

The Cadillac STS (Saville Touring Sedan ), is a model of Cadillac that was manufactured by them from 1998 - 2012 (the 2005 - 2012 versions were new models using the same name, replacing the previous versions).

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Following the 2008 Cadillac STS and 2010 model update, Cadillac decided to discontinue the STS. As a result, the last STS to be produced was put together on May 4, 2011.

it should be under warranty, bring it to the dealer and let them worry about ti, or consult your owners manual

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under the back seat you frekin idiot read the book

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near the rear windshield underneath the headliner in the middle.

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