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good points: clean, safe, cheap bad points: only generate small amount of power, causes earthquake

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Q: What are the good and bad points geothermal power?
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What is good about geothermal?

what is bad about geothermal

What are the good and bad things about geothermal power?

i think this government has good for enough common sense

Is geothermal power good or bad?

Geothermal power is a kind of renewable energy that; as other renewable energies; doesn't add much pollution to the environment. It is good source of energy. The problem is that not all countries have this source of power. The other problem is that geothermal power plants are usually of small power ratings.

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good points include free energy bad points include they take up lots of room

Is it good or bad to use geothermal power?

good it is a renewable energy resource found in rocks underground (heat from the rdioactive rocks)

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the only bad things about geothermal is that it takes up too much space everything else is good

Is geothermal good or bad?

well at its current total energy content... its good. if it was to raise or lower significantly, well that would be bad

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the good points of coal are it gives us electricity, we need to power our vehicles.Because you can reuse it but the bad thing is that it takes a long time to heat up ..... !!

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