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the good things a bout war is it stimulates the economy. it can build national pride. it can be very lucrative for winning sides

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What two good things did the normans do at the battle of hastings?

war and miltary war

What was the good things about the civil war?

Freeing the slaves.

What good things have come from war?

Generally, war gives birth to peace, ironically.

What good did Cleopatra do?

The good things that Cleopatra did was stopping the Romans from war and slavery of Egypt .

What are good things about war?

Sometimes wars must be fought to combat tyranny, but the only good thing to come out of war is its conclusion.

What good things did Theodore Roosevelt do?

He did a lot of good things including going to war for our country and taking a stand for everything that he didn't believe in.

What was the good things that happened to Jews in World War 2?


What good things did Clara Barton do?

helped soldiers in the civil war

Who are good willed men that did good things in World War 2?

hi peoplehihello

What were some good things that came from the Vietnam War?

Stopping the spread of Communism.

What are some good things that came out of World War 2?

Captain America.

What were good things that Winston Churchill did in World War 2?

killed Nazis

Was the war between the Greeks and Trojans good vs evil?

No; both Troy and the Greeks did things both good and bad; but it was not a war with one clear good side and one evil.

What did Robert E. Lee do in the civil war?

Robert E. Lee did many good things in the Battle of Antietam. He was a good general in the Civil War.

What was the good things James Walker Fannin?

well one good thing is that he battled in the battle of gonzales war!

What was the good things about World War 2?

There was nothing because world war 2 was crap. Lindsay Breslin died.

What are negative things about the American revolutionary war?

well we could say that i had many things what were negativ about the war but the most important things waz that they sucked on caca lmaoman that caca waz good though

What good things did Andrew Jackson do?

He was a General in the War of 1812 where he lead his troops to victory.

Good things about being a loyalist?

The king will out troops to protect from the war. He will not let you get hurt.

What were good things about living in World War 2?

Not being born until after WW2.

What were 3 good things emperor Hirohito did for the world during World War 2?


What good things come from war?

Although wars are horrible events and can result in a lot of suffering, there are some good things that can come from war. Specifically, wars tend to end conflicts and restore peace between nations. Additionally, they foster national patriotism, and cause people to work together to support the war effort.

What good and bad effects did World War 2 have on Africa at the end of the War?

Well, there are a couple of things that are good about the war. Women got to work, wich was the first in history ever! And that medical developement such as radars and the leading to the nuklear age.

How many South Koreans Died in the Korean War?

a lot! yes i am very good at answering things

What good things came out of the Cold War during the 1960s?

Technological advances and to the end of spreading communism.

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