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If the father gives up his rights they will have no rights either. They can see the child if the mother say so. Even before that only a few states have rights for grandparents so they can seek visitation through the court. It is always up to the parents to decide.

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When a father signs over his parental rights is he supposed to have the child?

No. When a father signs over his parental rights, he gives up the right to visitation.

If a father gives up his parental rights does that mean the child can be adopted?


What happens to child support when a father gives up his rights in ny?

Termination of parental rights does not, in itself, terminate child support.

If A father gives up all rights in WVwill he still have to pay child support?


If a father receives social security and has no parental rights but the government gives his child a check on a monthly basis is he able to sign over parental rights?

No, but if you want a relationship with your child you can petition the court for parental rights and contact. That would be a good thing.

Does a man still have to pay child support if he gives up his parental rights in the state of Florida?

No. Both parties must agree before the father can give up parental rights. YES!!

If a father gives up his rights and the mother is the only guarduian can the grandparents be legally involved?

Yes if the mom doesnt want the responsibilty

Can you adopt your husband's stepdaughter's child if she gives up parental rights?

This depends on whether the child's father also allows it.

How do you get adopted by your uncle if you have no contact with your father?

Your father would have to give up all parental rights and your uncle would have to petition the court to adopt you. Unless you father gives up his rights, there really isn't a way to force him.

If a biological father gives up all access and entitlement to information about them is that giving up his parental rights. Permission for adoption has already been given for new husband.?

Yes That Is Giving Up Parental Rights.

If a father gives up parental rights does he have to pay child support in Kentucky?

Yes but the mother/guardian shares most of the costs

In Alabama does a father still have to pay child support if he gives up his parental rights?

Yes, until/unless the child is adopted.

Can an illegal immigrant mother receive child support if she leaves country and father gives up all rights?

If the father Legally gave up his parental rights - (signed legal papers), then he is no longer legally responsible to pay child support for the child. Did he give up parental rights so you could remove the child from the country? A family member of mine had to have her baby's father sign away his parental rights so he would not have to pay child support when he entered the military. So - once parental rights are signed away Legally, the father has NO obligation to pay child support. You cannot have it both ways - you cannot have him sign away his parental rights, yet still expect him to pay child support.

How does a 14 year old in ohio get his grandparents as his legal gaurdian?

If you parents give up their rights or their rights are taken away and the judge gives it to the grandparents after they apply.

Can a child at age 14 decide if he wants to be adopted by his stepfather?

If his biological father gives up his parental rights, yes then he can if he wants and if the judge agrees.

Can father gain full custody if mother gives up parental rights to her parents?

The mother cannot simply give her parental rights to her parents. There must be a request for guardianship filed with the court. The court will notify the father of the hearing and he will have the opportunity to object and request custody. The court will make a decision that is in the best interest of the child.

Can your husband adopt your child that you have custody of?

Not until the parental rights of the biological father have been terminated.There are a couple ways to do that:The bio father gives his consent and voluntarily surrenders his parental rights.You go to court and can get them to involuntarily terminate his parental rights; this one is much more difficult: if the bio father has abandoned the child, isn't paying child support, is in jail or is a danger to the child (or something similar), you may have a case, but if he's visiting and paying support you will have to go with the first option.

If illegal immigrant mother leaves country and father gives up all rights does he still have to pay child support?

If the father gave up all parental rights - then he would not have to pay child support. Plus, if the mother is out of the country and is an illegal immigrant - she would not be a part of the child support system. She would need to be in this country. But, the main things is - if the father "legally" (signed papers) to give up his parental rights, then he is not liable for child support.

If a father in Kansas gives up his parental rights does he still have to pay child support?

You should consult an attorney, but it's my understanding that parental rights and child support have nothing to do with each other. You may choose to give up any rights to your child, but that doesn't negate the fact that you're the child's father, and in the eyes of the law (and morally), you are partially responsible for supporting that child. That said, it's your child you're talking about. You may want to consider alternatives to giving up your rights. A child deserves a father, and you Amy live to regret your decision.

If father gives up parental rights in canada does he still have to pay child support?

Specific law may vary by province, but generally, termination of parental rights only terminates your right to see your child and/or have any say-so in their lives. It is in Canada as it is in the US, in that termination of parental rights does not absolve child support obligations unless and until the child is legally adopted by a third party who assumes all legal and financial responsibility for the child.

If a parent gives kinship rights to a relative does she lose her rights over her child?

In most states you will lose you parental rights and if you want it back generally you will need a lawyer.

How does a father looses parental rights?

A father can voluntarily sign over his parental rights, provided it is approved by the courts AND the mother, provided she's not collecting Welfare, now or in the future. When she collects AFDC, she gives up any right to claim, or not claim, child support. (see related question) If these conditions are met, he's not liable for paying child support to the child, or to free that child for adoption. He can loose his parental rights is he lives a life that would be detrimental to a child. States are now, more and more often, taking into account what is best for the CHILD. So, the behavior of the parents can have more of an effect on their parental rights. If the parent's behavior is chronically bad - drug dealing, crime, that sort of thing, they are much more likely to loose parental rights.

Can my husband adopt my daughter if her biological father is ordered to pay child support?

Your husband can only adopt if the girls father willingly gives up his parental rights or the court terminates them. As her dad he will pay child support until the adoption is through. Then your husband have that responsibility and parental rights just like you. So see what your ex wants. The court stops child support etc when the adoption is through.

Can one parent put their child in foster care?

Not as long as both parents have parental rights. If one parent gives up his parental rights which is required when putting a child in foster care, the other parent is the first one in line to take the child since she still have her parental rights. This assuming both are fit to parent. If the parents are not married and the father has not proved paternity in court and got his parental rights he should do so asap and then he has rights to the child. The social workers usually ask relatives first if they are interested in taking the child. There is a shortage fo foster families and staying with family is considered best for the child.

If a mother signs over her parental rights can the fathers wife adopt the child without her consent?

If a biological parent gives up their parental rights, then the spouse of the other parent is able to adopt the child. The parent who gave up their rights has no say in the matter.