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That is too broad of a question to answer. In the entire U.S. there are 20,000 gun laws or more. Are you interested in any specific circumstance or law?

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What year did the handgun law pass in Georgia?

Which handgun law? Georgia, as well as every other state, has hundreds of handgun laws.

What did Clinton do while in office?

Reformed income tax lawsRestricted handgun salesBalanced the budgetRestricted handgun salesReformed income tax lawsAlso cheated on his wife:)

What are Arkansas laws on carrying a handgun in your car?

You must have a carry permit.

In Florida can you kill a snake with a handgun if you posses a concealed weapons permit?

I'll give the answer a shot (no pun intended). It depends on the circumstances. The handgun permit and handgun permit laws allow you legally carry a handgun, but the handgun permit laws don't specify when you can use the gun. When you can use the gun is covered under the state's deadly force laws. So, if a snake is attacking you and you have no other choice but to shoot it, it's probably ok. If you're talking about randomly shooting snakes that you see on the side of the highway or somewhere, probably not.

What is the legal age to carry a handgun in US?

There is no national carry age. Each state sets its own laws regarding carrying handguns. In some states, you can carry a handgun as young as 18, but in most states, you must be 21 to get a carry permit.

What are Florida laws on carrying a handgun in a car?

You can carry a handgun in Florida in your car without a permit. It must be securely fastened but is not limited to the glove box.

What are some concealed handgun laws in Texas?

The law in Texas states that in order to carry a concealed handgun in public, one must obtain a Concealed Handgun Licence. One must be a resident of Texas or a resident of another US state where the Texas licence is valid. The concealed handgun law in Texas sets out the following criteria which must be met: it must be legal for one to purchase a handgun under State and Federal laws, one must be without felony charges or pending charges, one isn't dependent on alcohol or drugs, isn't psychological diagnosed and one is without debt.

What prohibits a person from carrying a concealed handgun?

Local, State or Federal laws

Can you carry a handgun in your boat?

The same laws apply to boats as apply to vehicles.

Can you carry a handgun in a truck?

The question can't be answered as asked. It depends on state laws, and laws are different in different states.

How do you ship your handgun to Hawaii?

You may ship a handgun to yourself by UPS or FedEx. Both require next day Air, which is rather expensive. You may not MAIL a handgun by US Mail unless you are a dealer. It may be less expensive to pay a dealer to mail it for you. If traveling by air it is possible to check a handgun with your airline as CHECKED- not carry-on- baggage. Be sure to check Hawaiian law- fairly strict gun laws.

Do all US states require a permit to buy and own a handgun?

No. In fact, MOST US states do not require a permit to own or purchase a handgun.

Is it illegal to carry a handgun without a license?

That depends on where you are. Laws vary. Some states require special permits to carry a handgun except in certain very specific circumstances, others allow it as long as the handgun is not concealed.

Can adult gift a handgun to an 15 year old?

Depends on the laws where you are- we get questions from SEVERAL nations, and laws vary. In the US, it will vary by state. The issue is not so much "can a minor own a handgun" as it is "Can a minor POSSESS a handgun?" Surprisingly, the answer MAY be yes- with the permission of the Minor's parents, on their own property, or in some instances, when the minor has the written permission of the parents. In some places, a 15 yr old may be working on a ranch, and be permitted to carry a handgun. While I would like to be able to give you a definitive yes/no answer, there are too many variables to do so. Sorry-

What are Tennessee laws on carrying a handgun in a car?

If you have a valid permit from any U.S. state, you can carry a handgun loaded, on your person or otherwise accessible in your car. If you don't have a permit, you have to abide by federal transport laws, which basically say the gun has to be unloaded and inaccessible.

Is it legal to carry a handgun on you?

Every state has laws and rules regarding the carrying of firearms. Check the laws for your state for any specific limitations.

Is it illegal to sell an individual a handgun?

That depends on your states laws. Some states allow it; some states require all handgun purchases to be made through an FFL dealer.

Can a US law enforcement officer arrest a non-citizen of the US for drinking alcohol if they are legal drinking age in their home country?

When present in the US, you are subject to US law, no matter what your citizenship is. There are exceptions for certain diplomatic personnel, but for an aveage citizen, US law applies. A US citizen visiting another country is subject to the laws of THAT country. I am a US citizen, and US law permits me to own and carry a handgun. If I were in a country that did not permit private ownership of handguns, I would be subject to arrest if I carried a handgun there.

Can you be 20 years old to buy a hand gun?

Depends to some extent on the laws where you live- and you did not share your location with us. In the US, under Federal law (which applies to ALL states) you must be 21 to purchase a handgun from a dealer. In SOME states, you may purchase a handgun from a private citizen at age 18 and above. Other states require that you be 21.

Can you gat 45 caliber handgun permit in us?

If your question is can citizens of the US own a .45 cal handgun, the answer is yes. MOST of the US does not require a permit to own a firearm, and even the areas that DO require permits do not ban the .45. In some countries private citizens may not own a handgun in a military caliber, but the US does not follow that practice.

How do you carry a handgun from state to state?

It depends on what you mean exactly. You can transport an unloaded handgun in your vehicle while you travel as long as the handgun isn't accessible to you. However, if you have a handgun carry permit, you can carry the gun on your person in some states. That said, you can carry a handgun on your person inside your car in some states without a permit. Check out for more information about each individual state's laws.

What handgun was used in Vietnam by the US?

M1911 .45 cal

What are the requirements to carry a handgun in the US?

Every state is different.

Is armor piercing handgun ammo legal in California US?


Is the Powell gun knife legal in the US?

Under Federal law, it is a title 1 firearm, and can be sold like any handgun. Your state laws may vary. Company is no longer is business.