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Zinc can have negative effects like zinc toxicity, but it can also have positive effects, like assisting in wound care.

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Q: What are the harmful effects of zinc in a human body?
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What are some harmful effects of a steel coated zinc bb in the eye?

i wanna say blindness..

Is smelling odor of zinc harmful?

Zinc does not have an odor but welding or soldering of parts coated in zinc can produce an odor. The odor itself is not harmful, but it is likely to be accompanied by zinc fume (very small particles of zinc metal in the air. Breathing zinc fume can result in a condition call zinc fume fever, which feels at first much like the flu, but can have more severe effects if you have breathed in enough of he fume..

What is the ppb by weight of zinc in the human body?

4.518514 ppb

Zinc in the human body in grams is?

3 to 4 grams

How much zinc is in the human body?

About 2 to 4 grams

What two metals and minerals in the human body?

Iron and zinc

How do you increase zinc content in human body?

kse its have cantutan

How does the body breaks down zinc?

Zinc is absorbed in the small intestine and transported to various tissues in the body. It is broken down by enzymes in the stomach and small intestine, and then it converts into a form that can be absorbed by the body. Zinc helps with various functions in the body, including immune support, protein synthesis, and DNA synthesis.

Nitrogen zinc oxygen hydrogen which one is a trace element in the human body?

Zinc is a trace element as the others are found in large amounts.

Is zinc a mineral?

Yes, zinc is a mineral that is essential for various biological processes in the body, such as immune function, wound healing, and DNA synthesis. It is important to include zinc in your diet to ensure proper health and functioning.

What contains about twenty thousand billion atoms of copper and zinc?

A penny is made of a combination of approximately twenty thousand billion atoms of copper and zinc.

What are the importances of zinc?

This is because zinc is needed by the body to make insulin (the hormone that regulates glucose levels in the blood), eliminate harmful toxins, and to maintain a healthy immune system.