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Emu Oil can be used as a pain releiver, particularly for Arthritis and low-level sprains and swelling

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Q: What are the health advantages, if any, of the pure EMU Oil?
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Where can you buy emu oil?

Emu oil products can be purchased at many chemists and most health food shops.

How is emu oil taken?

Emu oil can be taken as capsules, or it can be applied topically to affected areas.

Does emu oil reduce scars?

Research does seem to support this.In the publication "Emu Oil - A Clinical Appraisal of this Natural and Long Used Product" for use on Epithelialised Wounds by Dr G H Hobday, he concluded that emu oil had demonstrated both scar reduction and anti-inflammatory action. Emu oil hastened post-surgery healing, and the healing of burns, by reducing inflammation, minimising scarring and soothing pain. Because emu oil is sterile, it could be used in an open area of the skin." Hobday also concluded: "It reduces irritation in eczema, the scarring of keloids and has advantages in skin grafting."

Why is emu oil good for the skin?

Emu Oil is good for the skin for a couple reasons. First, it is know to regenerate skin cells and promotes collagen growth. Second, it contains high levels of Omega 3, 6 & 9 fatty acids which are very important for skin health. Emu Oil has been proven to be anti-inflamatory, anti-fungal, anti-microbial and works as a mild analgesic (pain reliever). The aborigines of Australia have been using it for thousands of years and more recently, Emu Oil has been used by the Australian's & New Zealander's in hospitals as the first line of defense in burn treatment. Emu Oil is also the BEST carrier oil known to man. It can carry other herbs and nutrients deep into the layers of the skin like no other oil. Emu Oil is being used for scar management, general skin health, burns, cuts, scrapes, bumps, bruises, arthritis, acne, hair regrowth among many other things.

Are emu killed for their oil?

Emu aren't killed FOR their oil. They're raised in emu farms and killed for their meat... The fat and meat are then separated, and the fat is melted down and refined to oil. Most of the emu is used after it is killed... The feathers, hide, even claws do not go to waste. Sad, but at least they are not being killed ONLY for the oil.

Should you put oil before going to sauna?

emu oil.

Can emu oil be used with prescription blood thinners?

There are no studies to indicate that you should not take emu oil with Warfarin. Currently, the two seem to be a safe combination.

How do you extract emu oil from an emu?

The oil is taken from the fatty tissue on the top layer of the emu's back. First the fat is separated from the meat, then it's removed from the skin. The fat is then ground and then melted. The processing phase is next, during which the oil is filtered, refined, sterilised and deodorised.

Can humans eat soap grade emu oil?


Does emu oil work for shingles?

Because emu oil has anti-inflammatory properties, some people have found that it can help ease the pain of conditions like shingles.

What are the advantages of using ultra pure lamp oil?

Ultra pure lamp oil burns cleaner, with minimal soot and smoke. It produces a brighter, steadier flame with less odor compared to regular lamp oil. It is also less likely to clog lamp wicks, leading to a longer burning time and fewer maintenance issues.

Emu oil - does it worsen gastritis?

Unlikely. There is even some emerging evidence to suggest that taking emu oil can help heal the stomach lining in the case of ulcerative colitis.