What are the highest grossing sports in the world?

Highest Grossing Sports

Depends, per person average? US MLB players average million dollar contracts.

Total money grossed? Soccer...there are too many players world wide, not to be the top money winners. Even if they averaged $100K per, they would easily exceed baseball totals.

Well Soccer (or Football for everyone else but the US) isn't actually a very high income grossing sport. Sure lot's of people play it, but most players make almost nothing for salary around the world, and the games are played in front of non-paying fans, the exception is the European Leagues such as the EPL.

Sport Leagues in the US by far exceed anything else in the world

The highest money making sports leagues in the world are they are as follows:

IN 2007

1) The National Football League - $6.3 Billion

2) Major League Baseball - $6.0 Billion

3) The National Basketball Association - $4.0 Billion

4)The Premier League - $3.05 Billion

5) National Hockey League - $2.56 Billion

6) Indian premier league grossing $1.8 billion per year.this competition will held less than 50 days