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there is only one and it is Qufu, Confucian

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Confucianism holy cities?

Qufu, China is where Confucianism derived.

What is the holy text of Confucianism?

What is the holy text of Confucianism?

What are holy days in Confucianism?

They have no holy days.

What are the holy places for Confucianism?

there are no holy palces for confucianism. However, there are some bulidings dedicated to the leader confusious

What are the holy places of Confucianism?

There are limited holy places of Confucianism. The temples are considered as the main holy places with the Qufu temple in China being a significant holy place.

What is the holy book for Confucianism?


Confucianism holy city?


What is in the holy book of Confucianism?


Did Confucianism have a holy book?

yes it did

What is a holy day of Confucianism?

One important Holy day in Confucianism, is Confucius' Birthday. Also, because Confucianism originated in China, Chinese Confucians celebrate Chinese New Year.

Holy city or place of Confucianism?


Confucianism holy day?

there arent any

What religion has the Holy text of Analects?


What do the followers of Confucianism and Judaism call their holy books?

Confucianism: The Analects Judaism: Tanakh/Torah

What is the name of the Confucianism Holy Book and how did it evolve?

There are four classical books titled in Chinese sishu which are considered as the Confucianism Holy Book. The four books are Analects, Great Learning, The Doctrine of the Mean, Mencius. In Dong Dynasty, Confucianism evolves into neo-Confucianism.

Does Confucianism have a holy day of the week?

no, Confucianism was mainly a form of government based around the thoughts of Hinduism

What was Confucianism holy book?

Analects of Confucius.The I Ching is also revered in Confucianism.The analects and the five classics

What are the holy sites of Confucianism?

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What are the two holy days for Confucianism?

Christmas and thanksgiving and holowen

What is the main Holy book the Confucianism people use?

The Bible

Does Confucianism believe Jesus was God in the flesh?

Confucianism respects Jesus as a holy man of Christianity, but does not have a view on Christian beliefs.

What is the name of Confucianism holy book?

Confucianism holy book is actually 2 similar sets of sacred txts know as the ~SI SHU-(4 books) and the WU JING- (5 classics).~

What holy days exist for Confucianism?

Confucius' birthday and Doinogo-cho

What are some holy places for Confucianism?

Confucian temples. Qufu in China.

What is the holy book of Confucianism called?

Mao's little red book.